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  1. Purple Class: Wizard Wizards have the talent for the magic but they don't have much mana flowing through their bodies like the magicians, so they study and learn the rune casting, the runes drains energy from the enviroment so the Wizards can use magic, but with reduced range, and high mana usage. Stats: HP:110% MP:106% STR:100% AGI:110% INT:118% WIS:95% LCK:115% Racial Passives: Human-Power Conversion Rune:10% of P-Atk is converted to M-Atk. Halfkin-Absorbing Rune:5% chance of recover 1% MP when M-Dmg taken. Zumi-Unimproved Rune:1% Dmg dealt is converted to a random elemental Dmg. Anuran-Wind Rune:Eva +10%/5% chance to increase surrouding allies Eva +15%. Ursun-Protective Rune:Parry +10%/Parry reduce Dmg taken -75%. Class Passive: Destructive Rune: M-Crit Dmg +10% Light Armor Mastery Certificates: Vitality Rune I / II:Max HP +5%/Max HP +10% Frenzy Rune I / II: M-Atk +5%/M-Atk +10% Blood Rune I / II: Attacks have 3% chance to recover HP +3%/Attacks have 5% chance to recover HP +5% Skills: 1.Water Slide:Cooldown 8sec;Charges forward and grants caster "Ice armor", pass through targets dealing ice Dmg and mark them with "Ice Shard" wich causes targets Mov SPD -50%/Combo skill-Shard explosion: explode all Ice Shards dealing M-Dmg in a 10 meters area and Immobilizes target that are not affected by "Ice Shard".Consume 1 stack of "Ice Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy (Ice armor status ignore 3 direct hits) Required Weapon:Grimoire 2.Fire Blast:Cooldown 8sec;Create a Fire explosion under the caster dealing fire Dmg in a 10 meters area,reduce Targets Def -20% and launches the caster into the air./Combo Skill-Firestar:Caster descends from the air like a shooting star, falling in targeted area dealing Fire Dmg.Consume 1 stack of "Fire Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy;Required Weapon:Grimoire 3.Electric discharge:Cooldown 8sec;Deal Lightning Dmg to the target and mark with "Polarized", the discharge can chain 6x between targets within 10 meters and mark targets with "Magnetic"./Combo skill-Magnetize:Pull all targets with "Magnetic" Status towards the target with "Polarized" status and deal Lightning Dmg to all targets on the impact.(Magnetize deal Dmg equal to 2% Max Hp of the target affected by "Polarized")Consume 1 stack of "Lightning Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire 4.10Ton of Knowledge:Cooldown 6sec;Deal M-Dmg to all targets in a 10 meters fan shaped area and knock targets 10 meters back; Required Weapon:Grimoire 5.Trap Rune:Cooldown 6sec;Place a invisible rune on the ground that explode on contact, dealing elemental dmg correspondent to caster Soul Rune. Consume 1 stack of any energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire 6.Rune explosion:Cooldown 20sec;Deal elemental Dmg within 10 meters of the caster, corresponding to the Soul Rune Status active, Remove the Soul Rune stauts, Spectral armor status, and all remaining Energy stacks;Reset Elemental Soul Rune cooldown; Required Weapon:Grimoire *7.Mana Arrow Rune:Costs 3% MP to activate;Caster fires a Mana Arrow to the closest target within 30 meters, each Arrow drains 150 MP when hit the target .The time between each shot is calculated based on the caster AGI, maximum of 2.5 shots per sec. (this skill was created thinking of what could be the magic classes basic attack) 8.Elemental Soul Rune:Cooldown 30sec;Select Between 3 Elemental Runes; Cast Time:4Sec; Required Weapon:Grimoire Ice Soul Rune:Dmg of Water Slide and Shard explosion +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Ice Energy" Fire Soul Rune:Dmg of Fire Blast and Fire Star +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Fire Energy" Lightning Soul Rune:Dmg of Electric Discharge and Magnetize +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Lightning Energy" 9.Spectral Armor:Cooldown 45sec;Grants Caster:Parry +10%/Mov SpD +5%;Lasts 30sec; Require Soul Rune Status to activate.Cast Time:3Sec Consume 10 stacks of any energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire Spectral Ice Armor:Grants caster:Def +15%/Max Hp +5%/Ice Resistance +10 Spectral Fire Armor:Grants caster:physical resist +10/Move Spd +5%/Fire Resistance +10 Spectral Lightning Armor:Grants caster:Eva +15%/Agi +5%/Lightning resistance +10 10.Translucid body Rune:Cooldown 40sec;Place a decoy and grants caster invisibility for 10sec, next attack will deal 2x Dmg, but increase taken dmg 4x. Decoy run in circles and have 100HP and 50% Move Spd. This invisibility status wont reset enemies. invisibility break when caster attack or when the decoy die; Required Weapon:Grimoire Knowledge Points: 1.For each lvl Def +1% 2.For each lvl M-Atk +1% 3.10Ton of Knowledge Dmg +10% and now inflict Mov SPd -30%. 4.For each lvl Max HP +2%/Require 30KP spent 5.For each lvl Dmg of Water Slide and Shard Explosion +3% 6.While Ice Soul Rune Status is active, Fire Blast Disarm targets/Electric discharge inflict fear on targets; Ice armor Status stacks 3x 7.For each lvl ACC +1% 8.For each lvl EVA +1% 9.Translucid body duration +5sec and decoy have 5% caster max HP 10.For each lvl M-Crit Dmg +4%/Require 30KP spent 11.For each lvl Dmg of Electric Discharge and Magnetize +3% 12.While Lightning Soul Rune Status is active,Water slide Reduce targets elemental resistances -10/Fire blast decrase targets Eva -15% 13.For each lvl Physical resistances +1% 14.For each lvl INT +1% 15.Trap rune Dmg +10% and now knock up targets for 1sec. 16.For each lvl M-Crit Rate +2%/Require 30KP spent 17.For each lvl Dmg of Fire Blast and Fire Star +3% 18.While Fire Soul Rune Status is active, Water Slide reduce target Atk Spd and Cast Spd-15%/Electric Discharge decrease target ACC -10% Class Art: Addtional Info: -I just want to participate with the Protector class, just posting this class to share the idea. -Outfit inspired by some classes from Tree of Savior. -Most of the Wizards skills don't have cast time due to the energy that they drain from the enviroment, but the mana usage is high to be more balanced -2H weapon/ Grimoire IGN:DevilJam
  2. "In the Sun Touch Desert near the Arid Wilds, people without a leader pray to old gods to save them from the constant attacks of monster and bandits that threaten their lives, but it looks like these gods abandoned their people. One day, a young boy named Hondo, decided that his village will not suffer anymore, even if he would die for it. He went into a journey to find the gods and try to convince them to help his people, or fight the gods to take the necessary power to protect his people." Yellow class: Protector Champion of the gods,take blessings and the immense power of the gods to protect the wounded and destroy anyone that threaten his people. HP:122% MP:83% STR:122% AGI:104% INT:92% WIS:108% LCK:106% Racial passive: Human-Savior:5% chance of heal allies within 10 meters by 1% HP when hit; cooldown 12sec. Halfkin-Prayer:2% chance to reset the timer of one buff when it ends; cooldown 20sec. Zumi-Faith:Each attack has a 5% chance of removing one buff from the target. Anuran-Strong Spirit:2% chance to inflict fear to the target when hit. Ursun-Great Soul:Each attack has a 2% chance of increasing P-Dmg +5% for 10 seconds. Class passive: Dune Marching: immune to slow and knock back Heavy Armor Mastery Certificates: 1.Horus feathers I / II: When under attack, reduces all Dmg -4%/When under attack, reduces all Dmg -8% 2.Gods blessing I / II: Received P-Crit and M-Crit Dmg -10%/Received P-Crit and M-Crit Dmg -20%/ 3.Wanderer I / II: P-Atk +5%/P-Atk +10% skills: 1.Impale:cooldown 7sec; Deal long range dmg. Increase dmg of "Sand Walker" by +10%; Required Weapon:Pike/sword 2.Sand Walker:cooldown 6sec; Caster charges instantly at the target dealing dmg and stuns it for 2 seconds.Required Weapon:Pike/sword 3.Rising storm:cooldown 3sec; Strikes all targets within 10 meters of the caster, also decrease target ACC for 6sec.Required Weapon:Pike/sword 4.Fissure:Cooldown 2sec; Strikes all enemies along a 10 meters straight line and decrease ATK SPD and Cast SPD points for 6sec. Required Weapon:Pike/sword 5.Raging punch:cooldown 4sec;Damages the enemy with a 50 % chance to knock down the target.Required Weapon:Pike/sword 6.Whirlwind protection:cooldown 45sec; increase Def and HP lasts 25sec. deal Dmg to all enemies within 10 meters of the caster every second.Required Weapon:Pike/sword 7.Sun Light:cooldown 60 sec;Every atack increase P-Atk and Atk SPD stacks 5 times; lasts 20sec. 8.Bless:cooldown 45sec;Decrease Received M-Dmg -15% and M-Dmg amount. lasts 15sec. 9.Divine Stand:cooldown 45sec; increase block/parry. lasts 20sec. 10.Desert Walker: cooldown 30sec; increase move Spd +30% and decrease Received Dmg for 15sec; Knowledge Points- 1.Max HP +1% per level.Max lvl:20 2.Raging punch Dmg and chance of knock down +10%; Max lvl:1;Require "Talent1" lvl10 3.For each lvl, Impale DMG +3%; max lvl:5; Require 15 KP spent 4.Bless now increase P-Healing +10% and cooldown reduced by 20%; Max lvl:1; Require "Talent3" lvl5 and 20kp spent. 5.For each lvl, increase Atk Spd by +1%; Max lvl10; 6.For each lvl, increase Fissure Dmg by +3%; Max lvl5; require "Talent5" lvl5. 7.For each lvl, STR +1%; Max lvl:20; 8.For each lvl, increase Sand Walker Dmg by +3%;Max lvl5 9.For each lvl, increase Rising Storm Dmg by +3%; Max lvl5; require "Talent8" lvl5. 10.For each lvl, increase P-Healing +1%; Max lvl10; 11.For each lvl, increase Divine Stand block/parry +2% and duration +1sec; max lvl5; require "Talent10" lvl5 12.For each lvl, increase all elemental resistances +1%; max lvl10; 13.For each lvl, increase Whirwild protection Def and HP bonus +2%; max lvl5; require "Talent12" lvl5 14.For each lvl, Defense +1%; Max lvl:20; 15.For each lvl, Crit Rate +1%; Max lvl 20; 16.For each lvl, Crit DMG +2%; Max lvl 10; Require "15" lvl10 17.For each lvl, P-Atk and malice +1%; Max lvl:5; Require 30KP spent 18.For each lvl, increase Sun Light duration +2sec; max lvl5; require 45KP spent Additional Information: Class acquired after complete lv44 questline on Arid Wilds and reach lv45 Protector, Tomb Guardian and God Soul are Sword/Pike user and P-Atk based Class Art: Awaken class I- Tomb Guardian Additional passive:DEF +10% Skills: 1.Scarab Armor:cost 1% Mp per sec; reflects 15% * (0.5 caster defense) received DMG directly to the attacker.While this skill is active, increase Shifting sands AoE +10 Meters 2.Osiris reincarnation:costs 20% mp; cooldown 90sec; applies "Osiris reincarnation" to caster for 10 seconds, if hp drops below 5% within that time, grants caster "Ethereal" status for 3 sec, wich grants caster immunity to all dmg, increase Atk SPD +30% and Basic atack life steal +75%, but silences the caster. 3.Pyramid guardian:cost 3%mp per sec; grants 15% dmg reduction to all party members whitin 30 meters and knocks away all enemies whitin 10 meters of caster every 2 seconds, caster is immobilized while this skill is active. 4.Isis Hands:cast time 2 sec.;cooldown 8 sec; heal all party members whitin 30 meters and remove 2 debuffs. 5.Stomp: cooldown 5sec; Deal damage do all enemies whitin 10 meters of the caster and knock them down. 6.Fast Cut: coldown 4sec; Deal double hit damage to all targets whitin a 20 fan-shaped area around the target and reduces all physical resistances for 5sec. 7.Wind blade: cooldown 3 sec; Strikes all enemies along a 15 meters straight line, inflicting -40% move spd for 5 sec. 8.Shifting sands:cooldown 8sec; Deal deal triple hit dmg with massive malice, pull target towards the caster and immobilizes, deal 30% more damage if caster is in "Scarab armor" state. Awaken class II-God Soul Additional Passive:Crit DMG +5% Skills: 1.Rolling Sun: cooldown 10sec; Pushes a Rolling sun in the target direction, dealing fire damage to all targets along a 20 meters straight line and inflicting "burning" status wich deal aditional fire DMG equal to 10% of the caster P-Atk every second for 4 seconds. 2.Anubis Bite: cooldown 4sec;Deal double hit DMG to all enemies within a 15-meter fan-shaped area and reduces their move spd by -30% for 6 seconds. 3.Serqet Sting: cooldown 12sec; Deal DMG to all targets within a 20-meter fan-shaped area, inflicting "Weak" status for 3 seconds wich decreases Atk spd and Cast spd by -20%, after "Weak" status ends, stun target for 2 secs. 4.Sand Storm:Cooldown 7sec; Deal triple hit Dmg all targets within a 20-meter fan-shaped area and inflicts "Blind" state wich has 15% chance of causing target skills to fail, lasts 3 sec. 5.Mummify: cooldown 15sec; Deal dmg to the target and immobilizes for 2 sec, if target dies by this skill dmg, has 2% chance to ressurrect as an ally for 8sec. 6.Nephtys wings:Cooldown 35sec; Increase Move SPD +20% and recover 10% of caster HP and MP every second for 5 seconds. 7.Seth's Hunt:costs 2% HP per sec;Hunt your enemies in the name of Seth and gain the following stats:P-Atk +30%/Atk Spd, Acc +10% /MP costs +25%/The skill "Anubis bite" will recover 25% of damage dealt as HP, increase "Mummify" AoE by 7 meters.(This skill cannot coexist with "Horus Blessing") 8.Horus Blessing:costs 3% Mp per sec; Defend your allies with Horus help, gain the following stats:Def, EVA and Parry +20%/ The skill "Khepri shield" applies to all allies with 50% duration, "Nephtys Wings" grants all party members within 30 meters DMG received -15% for 10 seconds.(This skill cannot coexist with "Seth's Hunt") 9.Khepri Shield: cooldown 25sec; Increase Max HP for 20sec, grants caster "Khepri carapace"status wich Reflects Dmg by 15% for 4 sec IGN:DevilJam