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  1. stuck at the loading screen before typing my log in. i can hear the bgm though but couldnt see the interface for typing my user and pass. On the awaken client it just works fine but on the classic it doesnt.
  2. Sorry for double post Finally fixed the problem. it wasnt the game but my setting on my video card itself. i played with the settings for a bit and finally got myself to log in. sorry for all the trouble especially to jordan. see you guys in game Problem solved Thread closed
  3. I've downloaded the website one, ill download it once i get home this sunday. thank you for the heads up on that
  4. I've actually made initiative earlier on those things you mentioned but its still not getting pass that loading screen for some reason. i've also been trying some ways i have seen from the forum but it still persist. ill just have to wait for vivi as well maybe she has some other ideas on how to fix this. thank you so much for being with me on this til the end jordan.
  5. i tried deleting the client.ini but it still doesnt work. checked my redist packages and noticed i was missing both 32 and 64bit for 2012. i downloaded both, restarted, verify and tried running the game but it still doesnt work :((
  6. here is the link for the 3 files https://filebin.net/ubnsoc0f0o620x29 I tried to change the compatibility to windows 7 like you said earlier and tried to run the game but still the same
  7. i've disabled it as well as added launcher, _launcher and patcher.exe to the exemptions too but still not working. Edit: tried doing DEP as well and still didnt work
  8. still not working . even rebooted and clicked on verify
  9. Here's the recording. sorry no audio on the record since the recorder doesnt include it though after the loading is done there's an audio that you could hear but its still on the loading screen itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLgMncsZuEs
  10. Hi, im a new players here and just started to download the game last night. as the title says, i cant seem to get pass the first loading screen. its after i pressed the start button from the patcher and xlegend and aeria games animation comes out then the first loading. i can hear the music and all but my screen is just stucked at the loading. i dont have any anti virus installed or anything and i've already clicked on verify on the patcher thrice now and still nothing. any other methods to fix this? using windows 8.1
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