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  1. So I ended up finding out what the issue was. I decided to disable each individual component of my Antivirus and it eventually decided to start working even though I cleared each file and folder to be allowed through the firewall and on use scanning. Super confused how that didnt make a difference but whatever I'm glad it finally launched. Thanks for all the help guys. Sorry I didn't try it sooner but I've never had something actually require disable everything for it work and have always been able to get it started with some tweaking.
  2. So I've tried multiple times to no avail. Curious about one thing though. Is it normal to have Launcher showing (2) beside its name and two ScarletBlade (32 Bit) in the task manager when i click on start game? For example: SB Launcher (32 Bit) (2) ScarletBlade (32 Bit) ScarletBlade (32 Bit) It also seems to duplicate the ScarletBlade (32 Bit) and the SB Launcher (32 Bit) each time I click it.
  3. Yeah he's right I've used that too. Unsure what to really try at this point. Is there any list of incompatible programs that can be causing it? I cant think of anything else that could be the problem. I'll try to install again but on my C drive instead of my D drive.
  4. I believe I have downloaded that before but when attempting to install it I get this message "You must be running Windows 98, Millenium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Family to install the DirectX 9.0" I'm on Windows 10. I've also reinstalled the the "install me" file to no avail either.
  5. Yeah I have them all check marked on that and compatibility mode set to Windows 7
  6. When I did the install originally no. However the install seemed to complete as normal after adding it to my exceptions. I'll uninstall and reinstall again to see if it helps with it being on there now. Also might as well inquire about this as I'm reinstalling it now. When I click the install.exe it mentions about data missing and wanting to check. Is that normal? As when I accept to verify this it only takes 5 seconds and says install complete and takes me to the launcher to download the rest of the data
  7. I also have the XM file under exception and have installed the fix. I play plenty of other games but I dont have anything really running in the background when I'm trying to launch this. Only things that come to mind are Wallpaper Engine, MSI Afterburner, FXSound Enhancer, Groupy, NVIDIA GeForce and Start10. I've tried disabling these by your suggestion but doesnt seemed to have made a difference.
  8. Seems to be an issue a lot of people experience with setting this up. I've followed prior posts about the same issues and applied the same things noted like adding game to anti virus/firewall exception lists, changing compatibility, verifying game, redownloading/installing game, etc. Still have had no luck with getting it going. The farthest I can get to is the start game option which I click and nothing launches. I dont even get the XIGNCODE3 in my icons section on the task bar. In task manager it has shown SB.exe in there before but after waiting sometime still nothing happens. Looking any other suggestions. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.