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  1. Nah, not aiming for anything except 'convenience' in particular. Mostly its just that Bard gets shackled by buff duration for skill rotations, so extending buff timers means squeezing in more Vocal Bombs/Cure/Other things. So for example when all the buffs last for the default 12 second and needing to account for all of their respective cast times, it means around 5 buffs max (without casting Cure, or other things), with extended timers its probably 5 buffs and bunch of other skills too once cast speed goes higher. But anyway, seeing as you probably know more about Bard and all, I'll refrain from airing my niche interests. My wish for convenience is mostly fulfilled by Engineer anyway (and that's what I mainly use when not trying to boost class levels for other things). It's nice to know that Zumi seems to be the one to handle most of the min-maxing thing for ideal builds. PS: I seriously never recalled that certificates scaled on flat numbers after playing Eden Eternal on the original servers for two years when it first came out, I also never recalled Tornado being a ranged skill and not a close ranged one like Lightning web. I always just used whatever certificates were appropriate and knew that those stats never gave enough to make much difference. Oh well, shows what I know after only getting to lv50 on the original exp rates.
  2. Checked the racial passives for Frog (Anuran), and saw that "Bard song duration +2 second" and I'm having second thoughts on continuing leveling my human character (lv75). So, how good is Frog Bard actually? *speaking in False swipe gaming's analysis video tone* I was thinking that with Music of Life lasting for 16 seconds, Spirited Melody and other good buff songs lasting for 19 seconds is probably amazing. Consequently, does Burning Metal also have their duration increased from Frog Racial passive?
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