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  1. I believe one of the reasons people were not committed to upgrade their gear was lack of clarity when future upgrades would actually happen. Why fort your stuff if the next patch might happen next week or in 2 weeks. Now that we can see your planned release dates that will help people be more aware for how long their upgraded gear is relevant and plan accordingly. Also there will always be people hoarding, but it is up to you to decide the rate and quality of stones on altars. The less it would cost to fort the more there would be people with max forts. Sure it is a fine balance to make it so that it would not be too easy, but I assume the game sages are there to actually monitor and let you know if the economy needs stone prices to drop so casuals could also fort their gear. I personally don't think sublimes should be added to altar, but maybe the ultramarine halcys from rankings could be changed to sublimes instead.
  2. Personally I don't mind the % based system. Back in the day when it was implemented it was funny to see the territory go to a random guild, even though it did not happen that often. And I was in a guild that was among the strongest ones. Also when I or those in my guild go to a tw, we go always with the intention of making our side win, that means helping defend the crystals that we are not top of. Salary is not that big of a deal, especially since the salary boxes no longer are 100% warstones (with an odd painting thrown in the mix). I think the problem lies in that territory wars tend to get one sided and spawn killing and hunting questers is mandatory for the guilds that want to get the territory. People tend to flock to the strongest guild because of the salary and easy gvg boxes. Maybe reverting the system would make more people think twice in which guild they are in since they would still be able to win? More level playing field would be nice, but how to achieve that is a difficult question.
  3. I can understand you want the server to have a long life, but unlike vanilla EE everything is already made easier. If you want people to work and grind to improve their character, why did you include x2 loot and cp and eternal points. People are already crafting 55 gold weapons even though there is no merchant up for 55 gold mat. No one is time-gated to do commissions since you can just buy the mats outright. The only thing that will remain is to run the same trial over and over again to get a high % weapon you desire. To make matters worse is that Eden is not a class locked mmo, everyone wants the same weapons and they will be called every single time (Hint: Staff). Back in the day we did not stop going to trials just because we got out preferred drop, we went to help others and gear other classes. Big PvP guilds who have designated class roles will have an easier time, unlike casual players. But I guess your choices reflect who you wish to cater to. The only people who will fort a lower percentage weapon are those that can just throw big bucks at the game. The same ones who can just buy a 120 crafted weapon, fort it to max and be "done" with the game, as you put it. And they will be the ones calling for the next level cap to be released, while others are still farming for theirs.
  4. Honestly some people just want to see high DMG numbers. If you had a poll for +16, +14 or +10 fortification max level, the highest option would get lots of votes. Being able to 1-2 shot someone does not make you op and it is not a fun pvp experience. I voted for the 100% option because the dmg output in pve content is already very high and we haven't even started to fortify our gear. Classic eden used to be brutal for a casual player trying to enter a trial. You first had to farm dungeons for blue gear, farm gold to be able to craft and do your basic achievements which were a massive gold and time sink. Now you have x2 gold, ccm, ep to use for crafts and pets on steroids, that hit like a truck. Drop rate is x2 anyways, I remember doing trials and if you got 1 gold drop in a day, that was a very good day. I understand people no longer wish to grind like in the old days and I think the current drop system is balanced. Now in pvp I personally found it to be most fun up to the 65 cap. You actually had to work as a team, stack cc's and dot's and time them to manage to drop another party. Prolonged fights make for a more fun experience imo. I don't know what the max fortification level will be in here so truthfully the difference between a 100% and 120% weapon might not make the fight that much less fun, keeping also in mind that getting your resists up here is easier than in the vanilla server. Isildur now playing as IsiBear