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  1. Don't they seem too steep in pricing? I am not a rich player and I'd have trouble obtaining even one of these awaken weapons and I have some friends that would as well, would it be possible to lower the prices on these awaken books? I know people seem rich on classic server, however, like me, others may find it hard to get due to maybe not being able to afford AP or have much time to grind gold (I hardly have time to grind gold), Just a suggestion! Thank you!!!
  2. Yes I assumed that they were put into the trunk so I make the joke of kidnapping them haha, but I do wonder if it could be fixed if it is indeed a flaw!
  3. I have the correct mount I am able to have one other on the mount I am positive! The mount worked the same way in original EE, making passenger disappear after them accepting to join you on the mount
  4. It is a two person mount, when I invite someone to ride with me in/on the mount they just disappear, they are in tandem with me but it does not show them in the passenger seat with me, why is that and can that be fixed in the next patch or maintenance coming up? I love the mount car!
  5. Unable to get past the checking for updates.... and I have done the firewall method
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