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  1. Hi, when we click on BP link on the tchat it result a crash alpaga. can you fix it ? Thanks you PS : You know our troll community, I let you imagine the current peer chat
  2. Hi everybody, With a few people we thought about some useful improvements. In particular to improve his skills. It would be useful to add an icon to improve your competence at the maximum level of the class. This would avoid clicking 60 times on the 9 skills of the 15 classes. And for regular skills, does anyone know how much it costs to build a skill 60? clicking 60 times on it is tiresome after a while. Concerning the Eternal point market, why we can only buy: either stack of 999 or pack of 1 ?? If I need 400 I need to click 80 and confirm 80 times each time. Last point, in terms of character stats: Am I the only one who has trouble reading the light green color? a lesser color would be more pleasant for our little eyes, right? Do you intend to put the path of destiny in the classic version? Thank you, Good game. EDIT : Sorry its for the Eden Eternal Classic ... Can you move it?
  3. Hello thank you for your return. Yes i checked everything but the only way is to relaunch the game. And recently i have this message on the chatbox, what does it means ? I can't take it off. It's appaer evrywhere and did'nt stop. thank you
  4. Hello, I have some problems with the sound in game. It's cut regularly et i can't reactivate it. I need to quit and relaunch the game. Do you another way to fix it ? (sorry for my english) Good game and thank you