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  1. So basically, each level has a hard cap on the maximum amount of exp one can get per fight, if that number exceeds the cap it instead goes into the negative and you lose exp instead of gaining them. Therefore all the monster's base exp are readjusted so that it doesn't reach that ceiling, but still gets close enough to it. I suppose 4.8 million after a combined boost of 6500% is as close as it's going to get to that exp limit for the level in question Is this a programming error on the part of the developer, or a limitation built into the game's engine?
  2. The description may be wrong, but so is the actual boost itself. I did a test just a few moments ago, a base exp of 360k boosted with the level 6 exp chip of 1500% should be around 5.4 million, but instead it's only around 1.2 million, which is only a 350% boost, roughly 5 times less
  3. Hello, I bought some green exp boosters from the item mall, but somehow it's not working as intended. For example, without any exp boost a normal mob I fought gave around 130k exp, with the 1500% boost from the exp lv 6 chip it's increased to around 1.2 million, finally with the green booster it's boosted to 1.5 million. What's weird is that the booster's description says it's a 1000% boost, yet the name says 5000%, so one of them has to be a typo. I recall this green booster used to give a significant exp boost, unless that has changed some time ago? Thank you.
  4. Hello, got a account related question. I first started playing 2 years ago, then went on a long hiatus until today. Logged into my account and saw that all my created characters are gone. Either there's been a server wipe during these 2 year gap, or the system automatically deletes characters on accounts that have been inactive for extended periods of time. Some clarification is much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello, l was wondering if anyone knows the exact enhancement success rate when using upgraded equipments in place of Narak. I know that having four +10s will give almost always 100% chance. If so, that would mean each +10 equals to 25%. In theory, four +7 should give 70%, and yet I still managed to fail several times in a row with it, which made me doubt the formula. Does the grade of the equipment matter? I've only tried with four unique +10s and I know they work for sure. What is the success rate for +11 and 12? I remember it was very low, around 0.01 or something. Still, at 70-80% it shouldn't be failing constantly
  6. The reason I want to get to 50 in a hurry is that I've already bought a very powerful weapon that becomes usable at 50, as well as some accessories usable within the 50-60 range that will massively increase my damage, thus greatly shortening the time to finish those daily mobs. I didn't get a chance to fully explore the other classes back in the aeria days, so I thought of building up a solid character first to get some stable income before I start learning the play styles of the other classes
  7. So I get the two "combat trainer" quest that requires you to use a quest scroll and defeat certain number of enemies to get a quest item, and repeat 15 times. Problem is when I try to use another scroll after the previous one is complete the game won't let me, saying this quest cannot be repeated (with a sys message saying cannot be used at this time) I checked the scroll and it says the cooldown is only 5 seconds. I don't understand why this is happening. And it's not only these two quests. Back in the early 40s when I started getting the quest scrolls in Scylla I've noticed the same problem, scrolls that won't let me use despite being at the required LV (some only works once and then never again) Appreciate some help in this issue, two skill points are at stake here. Thank you. Edit: Ok, it turns out these two specific scrolls can only be used once a day each, the fact that this was left out of the scroll's description made it very misleading. Which brings up another problem, once you reach 50 and above you'll likely won't be able to go back to the location that contains the quest mobs, and it will remain unfinished. This means my character would have to sit around for 15 days doing nothing, even doing the daily quests for 15 days would risk getting too much exp to level up
  8. Thank you guys for the info, occasionally I hear on chat of someone wanting to buy AP (the vgn points) So how exactly would it work? I know you can send items to players via the mail, but not sure if it can send AP. Also what would be the conversion rate for 1:1, let's say for example 50000 points= ?gold. Thank you for your time.
  9. Hello, I played SB for a little over a year on Aeria game, it was quite fun. The futuristic bikes and mechs were a big selling point for me. I had managed to get a decent setup, not top of the line but good enough to have a fighting chance at pvp, and then the news of the game shutting down comes and I was devastated. It was around that time I heard about this server starting, but I was busy with work and eventually forgot about it, until recently. Starting from scratch again years later, I do have a few questions and appreciate any help. 1. The site doesn't look like it has the regular web shop like from Aeria games, where they sold different items on different weeks and months. I say this because as a brand new player getting started is the hardest part, basic equipment can only take you so far. Quite frankly the equipments in the marketplace is so overpriced it would take years of money grinding just to get one thing, very inefficient. I know pay to win is at the discretion of the player, but I would settle for upgrading a fast bike first as a starting point. That being said, does this server have such web shop, perhaps once in a while, or just the in-game shop? 2. Is the drop rate for rare items dramatically increased? Every few minutes I would see global messages of some player getting a string of unique equipments, is this why you guys don't have the web shop because the game is saturated with rare items already? 3. On average how many players are playing? I ask this because no one seems to be playing the pvp maps like Janus or Turnpike, which seems to suggest there's very few low lv players around. Meanwhile, I guess those quests that requires you to join those matches will just have to remain in the quest log uncomplete, correct? 4. This may be a bug or not. I bought 10 narak to increase the success rate of upgrading my bike, and for some reason instead of being 10 separate pieces it was all stacked in one slot in the inventory. So when I drag it onto the enhancement slot it only fits 1 slot instead of 4. I can only think of 3 scenario: Either the enhancement will use the max number possible (4), it only uses 1, or worse case treats the stack of 10s as 1 and eats it all. I'm hoping it's #1, given how many people frequently upgrade their stuff this couldn't be a serious bug, some clarification is appreciated. Thank you for your time, and happy to be back in the game. Cheers.
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