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  1. IGN: Rezki Requested Item: Mysterious Bodacious Wig (Legendary)
  2. My main class is Rifleeter and throughout I distributed it the way it was conventional for me at the time, but I would like to know what would be an ideal Build for the class, if you can please also recommend a Certificate Build as well, currently I use: Stamina II (+ 10% HP), Indomitable Strike II (5% chance to restore 5% HP), Find Weakness II (CRIT DMG + 20%), Quick Passing II (Move SPD + 10%), Deadly Onslaught II (10 % chance to trigger P-ATK and M-ATK + 10%), Powerfull Muscle II (STR + 25%) and Staggering Blow II (4% chance to grant DMG Taken -10%)
  3. Rezki

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    Kepgoyle's Cursed Belt I already have. Thanks a lot, gonna start farming these things asap
  4. Rezki

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    Sooo, where do I get <Destroyed Hearts>? I want to upgrade this trophy of mine, but I have no clue where I get the materials do to so.
  5. Question: I want to start playing as Blood Knight once I awaken that class, which skills should I level up?
  6. So, I reached level 105 and cleared all story and book quests in Crystal Utopia. I want to level up so i can go to the next map, but all REP quests available give something like 1 to 2% of the total amount of EXP required. I'm not against to grind until I'm able to reach lv 106, but there is another way to improve the grind?
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