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  1. Yeah! I just randomly decided to look up some old art and stumbled upon a yt video from last year. So sad it's not as popular as it was back in 2012-13
  2. I was IN LOVE with the game, got onto the hypetrain a bit late and 8 months into it got the news they were discontinuing the servers. Devastation was an understatement to what i felt back then, so imagine my uttermost happiness when I found out some blessed bloke decided to dust off the game engine again. People that know me irl know how much I talked about sb even years after it was gone. Just like every other horny teenager I got pulled in by the naked bewbs and stayed for the surprisingly fun mechanics and pvp arenas. Tl;dr happy to be back, hope to meet some of you guys ig, I remember fuck shit of what the gameplay was so if anyone can link me a good whipper guide would greatly appreciate.
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