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  1. That is great to hear from you. Well there's a mobile Android MMORPG private server that made alot of server for money which is not really worth it as it easily die the server/game. However there is some games that really worth it making a private server such as what I recommended above, actually it doesn't have a private server yet. Please if you have time do investigate the game. The thing I suggested it here is because I know that some of your staff are great of making content and making the game up to date. This game is like Eden eternal I really can't explain the game but it's different from any other Android hope you'll try playing it. Thank you once again Bash.
  2. Hello @Bash , I know that you guys are not ready yet for the new projects however why don't you guys make a MMORPG Android private server like World of Prandis ? It seems a good MMORPG with PvP, war, guildwar and much more which you guys can make alot of content. I've been playing the games for almost 1 year and a half. It is a good server, grinding and trading not just like any other mobile games. If you have time please do check it as most player at this time are only using mobile device due to the pandemic. Thanks for hearing my suggestion. ❤️