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  1. I am having trouble finding the quest to get the lv60 TK gear. I am lv 62 and is using the lv50 TK gear but I can't find the quest to get the lv60 gear. I thought that we would have that quest every 10 levels from 50? Or is there another way to get the gear that requires you to buy a book to trigger the gear quest?
  2. Hello, I am having trouble using the _launcher file because the message .\banner.ini not found and the launcher just load up blank and I can't interact with the button. I think I need to use the _launcher to change my resolution to fit with my screen. Also, I sometime have problems using the patcher file. Once I click play awaken, it says that no object if type font named f001-9 is present in the collection and if I turn it off the game crashes. I have tried reinstalling the game but the problems still occur. I hope someone have a resolution for these problems Much appreciated
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