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  2. I did but I mean, the game launched just fine even with them renamed, it's a completely fresh install on this disk. I have some updates tho, I backed up the version I had on my other disk and this one still work, but my SSD one is really dead, might be a conflict between some applications, it sucks tho, I will try to fix it myself don't go to much into that, it looks spicy. I will save this wallpaper tho.
  3. I recorded a little video to show the Madness And yes, the more client I launch the further I go. The classic client is in full screen because as I said I could launch the game once, and I changed some settings there. https://streamable.com/k0vob0
  4. So I had an issue when I first downloaded it, you can find the ticket from few days ago, where basically when I clicked on play Awaken, the game will Crash at the X Legends logo, everytime, but Classic would work. I played classic for few hours and when I tried Awaken again It worked this time. I could play a whole week like this, having some issue launching the game with some error like this "Access violation at adress 00000000 in module 'patcher.exe', Execution of adress 00000000," or a different one "Access violation at adress 00407F58 in module 'patcher.exe', Execution of adress FFFFFFFC," after persevering I could always launch the game in 2 or 3 tries. I installed the game on a secondary drive and since I quite liked It I decided to reinstall it on my SSD so it would load faster. I uninstalled the game, download the installer on Mozilla cause its not working on chrome, and then downloaded the game a 2nd time. When the game finished Installing, I had the same issue launching awaken, however, I could still launch classic. So I logged in on classic, played 2 minutes to maybe try to debug my awaken (IDK if its that who fixed my case last time but at least I try) and then closed the game. Now I cannot launch any of the two, the I still have the "Access violation" thing, I launch another client on top of this and then I press "Play awaken" or "Play classic", the game window opens, the logo animation start and at the exact moment the little yellow form swap to a ball it crashes and closes, without any error message. I can add that (And I always had the issue) when I open the Patcher, It opens in the middle of my two screens, just as if It was one single screen, not that annoying cause i can move it but it's quite odd. Little thing I can add is that I tried launching several patcher.exe and then type play awaken really fast on all of them and I could hear the sound of the intro going further, just after somehow all of them dying, It kinda looks like something is closing them. I have no firewall activated, no antivirus, knowing they cause really big issues or performance drops. I tried Verifying the files, reinstalling the game, rebooting my PC. I can always try defragmenting and maybe burning my motherboard but not quite sure it will fix anything. What I find really strange is that after playing one session of it, I never ever had the issue until I tried reinstalling It on another disk drive. Hope you can help me find a fix, I really like the game now, you did an awesome job keeping It alive and updating It and I'm really thankful for that, I understand that It must be a mess working with such an old game. (Last time I could play the game just after sending the Topic, If this happen again send an exorcist)
  5. Thank for your quick answer, playing classic for a few hours seems to have fixed it, I was just crashing instantaneously, tried uninstalling, restarting my pc, now its working and the only thing i did was playing Classic a little. Have a nice day man.
  6. Basically the title, the X-Legend thing start and then game crashes, EE Classic work just fine tho. I played one year ago when Classic was not a thing I believe and had no isssue whatsoever.
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