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  1. Alright, that's it for now. Thanks a bunch Herakles
  2. Sorry to make another topic, there's one thing that I forgot to ask, where can I check the preview contents of the mystery boxes? I tried searching but can't really find one. I think it might be in the Promotion section, but I can't really find the one for this week. P.S. Can you merge this with my last post ? or maybe unlocked it and I'll move my question there
  3. I see, thanks for the explanation
  4. Thanks for the fast reply and explaination I've checked the in-game Item Mall, but I can't find any legendary items... Where exactly can I find this? Unless you meant the items from the altar?
  5. So I would like to know how the web store work, and how to get the legendary cosmetics. Does the mystery box have a rotation for its contents? If so, monthly or weekly? Does the legendary fashions, mounts, etc only attainable from events and altar?
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