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  1. @Vivi Thanks for your reply i appreciate it , im sorry i didn't know it so hard to port a game from pc to android I have small question if possible regarding the Mobile version that was already created of Scarlett Blade it called Queen's Blade her korean name is : 퀸스블레이드 , For this one can Vendetta create a private server for it . https://steparu.com/latest-news/1250-scarlet-blade-mobile-download If possible for this one that would be awesome
  2. Hi i have a great suggestion , can we have an Android version of Scarlett Blade for Android it would be great . I have tried playing on PC but it impossible for me to run it , this days a lot of people like me have more power in their phone than on PC , if Ported to Android the game is going to be so Popular , Thanks
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