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  1. can i req this one for next weeks box please? past boxes only had v2 and v3
  2. oh also can i request the pink artillery syringe please, thanks
  3. edit on requests for upcoming weekly boxes* mistress of seduction me dragon queen me santas albaster helper me
  4. https://gyazo.com/f1a4e0e05808305925863b5e7d007c44 Where/how to acquire this pet skin? Request for updated pictures on the available medic weapon skins in game. I looked up the other post and for some reason all the pictures aren't available
  5. Can you put: fiery nurse cap 50 shades of pink bathing suits call of the wild leotards (seperate boxes) in next weekly boxes please? ❤️
  6. Can you put foxfire cruiser in next weekly box please? thanks ❤️
  7. 50 shades set please! ❤️
  8. Awesome, thx archangel! I'll hopefully wait for the 50 shades to come in.
  9. I'm looking for outfits such as: fifty shades of pink/gold, sailor schoolgirl outfits from the original scarlet blade. Are they available at all in vendetta? If so can someone tell me how I can acquire
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