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  1. I know that any of these changes wont make the class be all the way stronger or see broken but I propose them suggestions to make it more playable. This wont make the class as much used as AE/Mecha on TW/GVG. But I am pretty sure the class will already do better. Having The Dragon's Rage skill re-usable before the buff runs out will definitively increases the time of burst damage that can do the class. The fact that the buffs lasts 25s and has 15s of cd make you pretty much useless until that the buff is usable again. I am pretty much sure that these small changes will make the class easier to play. This way, the class can be progressively improve over time to make sure it dont get too powerful. I've been testing many things to deal damage and without this buff on, the damages are really weak. Even with the buff on, it still cannot be comparable to AE/Mecha damages. The hps of DE pets are already increased in tws/gvg/ga. It seems like its still not enough tanky to make it playable in pt vs pt. Since sakura island is considered as a PvP map, can you increase the hps of the pets in sakura island as in tw?
  2. Hello. I wanna share my thoughts about the DE's class atm. Dragon's Rage skill. Once the Dragon's Rage skill is gone, the damage is not really efficient anymore. Right now, the buff lasts 25s and his cooldown is 40s. I suggest to reduce the cd of the skill or increase the time of the buff. The number in the kp "Dragon Anger Tuning" can maybe be multiplied by 2. So it would be « For each level up, Dragon rage duration increases +2 seconds » For example. AE has Magic burst's skill which lasts 30s and has a cooldown of 15s. Beside that : Summon: Flame Dragon Summon:Dark Dragon I suggest to increase the HP of these 2 pets in sakura island. The pets have 130k in sakura island . They are getting one shot every single time by most of dps classes. I dont think it should be easily killable. This make the class have a big disadvantage. I am not sure if the hps of these pets are already increased in TWS/GVG/GA. Have a nice day. Note: These suggestions ain't really no big changes but it will help the class to do better.
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