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  1. i don't have VPN. really don't know what kind of system block it
  2. I'm not using Windows Defender and any malware. what is mean of folder on exceptions of firewall? if this mean is add SBlauncher on exceptions. it still not helped. also running admin and compatibility set too. this launcher was working well when i first download. that was 4 days ago. when after maintenance launcher freeze every time the last download.and redownload too.
  3. already run as admin every time and DNS flushing. setting firewalls, change to campatibility...... but every time freeze at that moment.
  4. my situation is exactly same. i trying now what bash told few times. but still dosen't work
  5. Btw now my client cannot finish unpacking. I was redownloaded maybe 5 times. and i was searched forum. i think i tired all thing what i can.
  6. i didn't though that thanks XD
  7. i was play well. but after 23/09 maintenance laucher can't find new updates. so i tried DNS flushing and update dx, C++, compability mode to xp, uninstall all of files, and download again. i was doing that maybe 3 hours but not change.
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