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  1. EmiyaCris was just made recently, so doesn't make sense.
  2. Oh, lots of ppl sent you tickets already, but no reply. Needless to post it, what's the function of the Game Sages, they're the one who supposedly identify those.
  3. Also, they don't even care, there's one problem happening right now, they don't even give a damn about it. They just turn a blind eye, no reactions, no feedback, none at all. Good luck and enjoy.
  4. Early warning, drama is very common. You can even make a novel out of it XD. Wish to see you in the game.
  5. Oh I meant like a thanksgiving gift, something precious and nice.
  6. Good morning, This may sound weird or a bit selfish to ask, but isn't it a good idea to give some (even tiny or small value) gifts if there's a big upcoming patch in the future? Well no specific reason, but as a form of gratitude to people who stayed in the game despite there are leading and better games, it'd help attract people to play again, somehow. What'd you think?
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