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  1. I'm being such a problem-child today, lol So upon resolving my previous issue today I kinda noticed that EEA like...HATES when Discord tries to open/is open, at least for me. As in, I had the game open and was logged in, but Discord would not open and was stuck in a updating loop. Also works the other way around; if I had Discord open first, the game refused to connect and people in the call I was in could not hear me. My connection tanked to red bars. Which is frustrating because I was on a Discord call and also playing last night just fine. Am I just cursed? 😞
  2. EDIT This post USED to be a marker for success with port forwarding, but the game just went back to stubbornly not letting me connect.It even flatlines the network connection for my PC only, causing my signal to just flat out say 'no connection'. No idea what that indicates, but I've spent most of my day trying to figure this out by myself to no avail. \o/ Might just be my PC at this point and the game's just not working with Windows 10 or something, I've given up. The game beat me. You won, Eden Eternal private server. I did have fun for the couple of hours that I did manage to play, at least. Have fun ya'll. o/
  3. THE BIG LIST OF I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I CANNOT CONNECT Reinstalling the game allows me to log in ONCE, as soon as I log out, I am unable to re-log back into the game on both Awakening and Classic. connect.ini, connect_classic.ini, and connects.ini display the following in order, just in case something is incorrect: connect.ini: Server=,6543 connect_classic.ini: Server=,6543 connects.ini: Stream01=,6543 in the main.log file this is posted at the end of the file, after the video settings: error.txt shows the following (errors are bolded) Going to try opening port 6543 on my router, maybe that's a cause; but not sure why I'm able to get in once and then blocked from further attempts after each reinstall. Will update if this works.
  4. Then my VPN is not necessarily needed then, as I am in the US. I was basing that knowledge off of the post made by DrDieLess stating that the server was in France, which I notice was last edited in 2018. lol Correct, the patcher.exe and folder are all listed as Exceptions on my Windows Defender. And I have attempted logins with it turned off. It is also allowed through my firewall. I mostly mentioned that because a potential question that may have popped up was the integrity of my ISP connection, so I said that mostly to avoid comments regarding it. I think what you are trying to express here is that the Access Violation error I get from launching the patcher.exe is just a 'quirk' and can be ignored. If so, great. Now the only problem remaining is the inability to connect to the server. That's unfortunate. Restarting the 'net didn't do anything, and the VPN isn't really the issue. AV exceptions are in place as I've mentioned above. Guess I'll just make a post describing what I can see on my end and see if anyone has any ideas.
  5. EDITED POST This post expressing that my issue was resolved is no longer relevant, I am creating a new post detailing the issues I am running into.
  6. Heya! My experience so far, just downloaded the Eden Eternal client/patcher last night and now I cannot connect to either server. It says the server status is Online at time of writing, but Imma list a summary for each game version below for clarification. Eden Eternal (Awaken) OCT 15th around 9PM CST, first logged in and played for a good couple of hours, butter smooth, no problems at all. Tried to log in this morning and managed to get to the character select screen once, but every attempt after that resulted in a 'Could Not Connect to Sever' error. Eden Eternal Classic OCT 16th around 10AM CST, logged in just fine, ran around a bit and levelled. Closed game and retried Awaken, no dice. So, tried to log back in to Classic and now I keep getting the 'Could Not Connect to Sever' error, as well What I've Done to Fix This: Allowed the patcher/Launcher exe files thru firewall; as well as enabled Run as Administrator/Disabled Full-screen optimizations, Verified the gamefiles, tested with a VPN connected to France as another Tech Support post recommended. My internet speeds are fine, I am able to connect to a variety of other online games and such. It appears that the games ran fine on the first launch and log-in and I'm unsure if something changed in my files to cause this error. I'm going to retry installing the game fresh now, but is there anyone else who has encountered this error; or maybe has some advice that I have not tried yet? Thanks! EDIT UPDATE: Patcher is giving me this error below!
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