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  1. I've got it fixed, and now it's a bunch of grinding! TY guys who've helped!
  2. I've got everything up and running, I just used NordVPN and it looks like it fixed everything.
  3. I'm not too familiar with how to do that. Mind helping me with that?
  4. As it says I'm getting kicked by Mother. I have downloaded the items from the help section, running it as admin, with xp SP3 compatibility, have both the SBLauncher.exe and SB.exe in my virus and threat protection settings exceptions, and in Defender's firewall exception list. When I installed the game I also put the install.exe in both exception lists. Even though I've done everything I could think of, I must have missed something because I keep on getting kicked. Uninstalling and redoing the process hasn't worked. ipconfig /flushdns only makes it so mother doesn't kick me 5 minutes in, and restarting router and stuff hasn't helped. Could I get some help please? I would love to keep on grinding without having to relogin every 10 minutes. TY
  5. Hey guys, just saw that SB had a private server, and I had to come on and play! I was one of the OG's of the Aeria Games Scarlet Blade era, and was one of those players that helped moderate the game... forgot what they were called. If were from back then, maybe you would have remembered me. I was SentiMental, Captain of the Bunny Squad. If you don't then that's fine too. I will resurrect the bunny squad for sure. Still trying to get the game to work for me, Mother keeps on disconnecting me, even though I have downloaded all the files direct, and also set my firewall.... But once I figure out how to fix the disconnects (And yes I'm on great internet. 2000down/up fiber :D), I will drag some people from my gaming community over so we can kill things in nothing but our undies!!!!
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