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  1. I found that removing the ChannelConfig options that I was able to launch the game with my other settings intact. No longer having any issues. It was definitely a chat tab name with a space in it. Thank you for the assistance!
  2. Hi, I just started playing this private server and I've had no problem running the game the past few days. However, I'm now having to delete my client.ini configuration file every time I want to open the program. Otherwise the game will never launch (no process starts). I have tried the following troubleshooting steps that I read from the pinned threads: 1. Verified files via patcher multiple times 2. Reinstalled the game 3. Rebooted my PC 4. Tried using the run_game.bat method 5. Enforced administrator rights & Windows 7 compatibility mode for the client Regardless of these methods I have to delete my client.ini file in order to launch the game. This requires me to reset all my hotkeys, graphics, and UI options every time I launch the game. Is there any way I can launch the game without having to delete client.ini each time? Thank you very much!
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