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  1. Hi there My name is Toni and I play Eden Eternal with my sister-in-law Lilly and my brother-in-law Paul (Eowin and Takeo respectively in the game). In fact, Paul is my husband's childhood friend but we are a family. Why Gabriele? It's just my middle name. I was born in Swansea in Wales and I live not far from Liverpool in England. I am a young mother of a little boy (my first), born on August 13 of this year, named James. We are very happy with my husband to have this little piece of cabbage who comes to enlarge our family of musicians where he gives us the joy of making his beautiful voice heard. Like my husband, Paul and Lilly, I participate in the band of two boys and their friends where I often do backing vocals, otherwise I am an interior designer. Our little Lilly managed to convince me to come and play with you, telling me that I would find charming people there in addition to having fun on a really pretty and very nice game and she was right! I am delighted to be with you. I wish you a very good game 🥰
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