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  1. All trophy: Archer Swordman Mage Martial Artist General Special
  2. Update v37 Dowloand: https://mega.nz/#F!eAskHTzS!6HDtIUTUPCwLTLuDDDrBuQ
  3. No, because I not speack German xD. And there are certain translations that have to be modified in vendetta, since there is not some content in the official, such as trophies, changes in skin of wings, objects or exclusive items of vendetta in general.
  4. Yes , change in last Mt. I think is one error.
  5. Is Level player *2. Every 2 seconds
  6. Movement speed increases by 21. Movement speed increases by 2 in NosVille and Port Alveus. Continuously replenishes MP. When used in combination with a Speed Booster, it provides the following effects for 8 seconds: Removes all bad effects up to level 4. Movement speed increases by 3. Chance to use your Spurs when you’re attacked, giving you +3 movement speed.
  7. I like it, it looks nicer to the naked eye. It seems something more interesting, before it was a bit bland information.
  8. I hope that very soon, the SP of light will come great. In addition to bringing new forms of combats. I could try it and it's really good. In fact too well and my fear is that they modify it when I get here, I hope they do not modify it. The metera in vendetta? Obviously xD. When? There if it will be difficult to know xD. The work he did with the martial artist was fantastic, I liked everything except the reduction so high of the increases of secondary weapons +25 and +45 of hero. From 55% to 35%: /, it would have been good if there were 45% left as level 91. Otherwise fantastic in both equip and SP. As a player of the new class in vendetta, I have experienced a lot of good things, in pvp and pvp. My character is already Lv 99 + 50 I can do any raid of the game without problems. The SP 1 is an all-terrain in pve, but unfortunately it is not enough for players to add you in 1 Raid Erenia-Zenas or Fernon. Therefore, if you have left all the classes to play the new one, you only have one way to get gold, which is in the 6.1 and 6.2 maps. So yes, to me and several players would like to see SP soon come in light of vendetta. But, I suppose that the modifications in RB will come before. So a little patience and improve your sp 1 and 2 until the 2 missing.
  9. Remember that you have 30 more slots left in option 2.
  10. You have 6 skill bars ... and even then is not enough? O.O You have 3 bars in option 1 and 3 in option 2. And you manage to fill them all? Each SP only has 11 skils available to put in the skill bar (Less the SP 1 of the artist) I think that with 30 slots is more than enough for you to put the skills, snaks, potion, ress ... and what you want you have 6 bars and 60 slots ... I do not see any need for another extension in the skill bars. What if it would be fine, is that the changes peronalizado be saved for each specialist and that the skills do not move from place to change SP.
  11. I have always believed that the only class with a large increase should have been the magician. The increase that archers have is absurd. More than adding I would reduce the increases of the secondary weapons of the archers from 6% probability 65% to 15% probability 25% c25 and from 70% to 15% probability 30% c45 ... And leave the swordsman as is.
  12. I think even a 3-year-old child knows how to change his IP and continue playing quietly.