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  1. Kailash

    Translate the English Game into Spanish.

    Updating the translation of the patch v29 Dowloand: https://mega.nz/#F!eAskHTzS!6HDtIUTUPCwLTLuDDDrBuQ
  2. Kailash

    Skin Partners in Shop(VGN)

    Implement the Valhalla skin in the payment shop. These partners are very slow, receiving the +1 speed will be quite good. For: 1500 VGN
  3. Kailash

    New class and its implementation

    I've tried the class on the official server, I'm 92 + 26. And both their SP and the class base are good. The class is not perfect, but the current 3 that we have is not either. People who say that class is not good is because they have not spent time using it and playing with it on different levels. In no time I wanted to disrespect anyone. And I never said that it was something they could not do, there is a difference between not wanting and not being able to. I just gave my opinion and I would like to know the opinion of the players of this community. Since in my point of view I do not think it necessary to wait for the SP 4 if with 2 you can play perfectly. But if the players have to wait for them to wait ^^ As I said it was my opinion, and I never said that I did not have the ability to take 6.2 in a moment, in his day just ask why he waits so long. What others think or say is not my problem. A greeting.
  4. He told us the GS and I think Bash. That the new class would be implemented when it was complete. Currently the only thing missing is 2 SP (And much later we assume that there will be 4 SP more) The class is complete in terms of its equipment, it has all the main and secondary weapons of normal and hero level, all its armor. He adapted the important costumes, such as the Viking and the wedding, and fresh out. It already has 2 SP, quite interesting the 2. My question is what to expect so much? Is not it better to implement it in vendetta now? Only 2 SP is missing so that it is complete (initially). I think that instead of making us wait so long (to the vendetta players) they should implement it now. Because if we wait until all SPs leave that class we will see it only in 2021 here XD. The SP 3 in the official is scheduled for April and the 4th for August and if it leaves 5-8 it will surely be for 2020. What do you think? Would there be chances of you changing your mind? @Bash
  5. Kailash

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    New pet: Polar Bear Attack: melee. Element: Light Attribute: 50% Resistances: Fire: 60% Light: 70% Water: 60% Darkness: 50% Effects in attack: Restores, with a 6% chance [Haemorrhage] Effects on defense: Damages caused by all attacks have decreased by 35% with a probability of 60%. Skil1: Furia Bersekerhttps://i.gyazo.com/f72d7ebf0d6287734d522b573d17f1b9.pngSkil2: Golpe Hacia abajohttps://i.gyazo.com/62eb3b69eae803b56decdcefc55b5603.png
  6. Kailash

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    SP 2 Mistic Arts
  7. Kailash

    Fernon Fairy Changes/FC raids

    I agree, I sincerely thought that would come modified here in vendetta from the beginning, worse I see that no.
  8. Kailash

    Caligor crash possible solution

    It does not fall, act 4 (sometimes). But once inside the raid it takes more than 1 minute for each skill you use and about 50 seconds per basics, many people do not reach 1000 points because of the huge delay once you enter the raid, since the vast majority can barely move or attack caligor.
  9. Kailash

    Ability to hide costume and hat.

    Even if it's easy I see it as a waste of time xD. In other games it is understood that there is that, because they do not have SP and they fight showing their disguise. But in Nostale to put an SP you can not see anything ... And if you want to teach armor in nosville is very easy, remove your disguise. As I said before, that in Nostale is useless since the disguise is only seen without SP and the raids, pvp and pve we all do with SP.
  10. Kailash

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    It has 9k HP at level 99. Like all magical pets it does not have a lot of HP. The fbi is a great exception, I guess it will be because it hits close up.
  11. Kailash

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    News Costumes ^^ Drácula and 11th Birthday Changes in the secondary weapons of the (MA).
  12. Kailash

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Steampunk7Skin Fronzen warrior (costume) MegaTitans...wings
  13. Kailash

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Steam punk/Skin SP Ragnar osseous
  14. Kailash

    Translate the English Game into Spanish.

    I have updated the files to Spanish version 21. You can download them in the same link. I have fixed several translation errors that come from the Spanish official nostale. As for example the one of the arms +45 his buff, in the nostale.es they are badly translated now they are already correct in vendetta (Spanish version) Original: Fixed: And the new items has also been translated ^^ Link: Tutorial, https://mega.nz/#F!eAskHTzS!6HDtIUTUPCwLTLuDDDrBuQ