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  1. Lucy

    Riddle Me This! :)

    Hey Guys! Caos1 & Me want to present you our ''little'' forum event! We choosed to make an Riddle event because we believe a screenshot / whatever forum event would be boring. So, lets start with the rules, the riddles and finally the prizes! - Rules - You only have one answer for each riddle! [Example: If you make an answer for riddle 1 and it's wrong, you cant guess for riddle 1 but for 2-10.] There can be only one winner for each riddle. The first person to submit the correct monster will win the riddle! If you think you got the right monster / npc you have to make a screenshot next to it. The screenshot has to include you'r name & the official timestamp. (when you make a screen it shows automatically a timestamp.) Upload your submissions and place it on this thread here: Everyday I will edit this post and add to 3 riddles all 3 hints. The other's will only show one hint until I change them. ( I only change 3 a day from easy - extreme. ) One person can only win 2 riddles. - Riddles - Easy to extreme. 1. Horns.. 4 legs.. sometimes angry.. Solved~ 2. Red glasses.. Mustache.. Brown boots.. Solved~ 3. Light always on.. sword.. paw.. Solved~ 4. Green cape.. Solved~ 5. Always sits.. Solved~ 6. Purple eyes.. Solved~ 7. Dark fur.. Solved~ 8. Dark blue top.. light blue boots.. grey hair.. Solved~ 9. Suit.. Solved~ 10. Big chain.. Dog Face.. Shadow.. Solved~ - Prizes - 1 Event point for one right riddle. You can see the prizes here; - Ending - So guys, that's it. Dont forget to keep a look everyday on this thread. I will update it every 24 Hours for the new riddles. In love Caos1 & Lucy
  2. Hey, welcome to this awesome community! :3
  3. also watch this its the funniest shit ever
  4. Great to chill, also I know my music taste is fukkd up. :b