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  1. Yea i actually don't mind the way to do it. I also thought about that instant but as someone else said some ppl stop if its crap. But i think you got the point ^^
  2. Just a simple one. Do NOT close the perfection window after each try. If you stop doing it you can just press ESC or close the window but its annoying to always reopen the window. ^^
  3. Yea but it would still be nice if I could skip that. ^^ Also as I said there is no downside at all. Let's just wait for Bash. It's all up to him now I guess.
  4. Why are you against it? It has literally NO downsides. Only pros. And even with 1 and 2 I have 2 Skillbars. But obviously more than 2 Sp's. Also I already use my second Skillbar for other Stuff.
  5. So.. I guess we all know this problem and I am pretty sure that it's not a bug so I'll just open it here in hope that this will be done ASAP. The skills are getting mixed everytime you place them different with an SP. e.g: i place the job 20 skill of sp1 on slot q and when i switch my sp every other sp will have it on q. if I wear my sp2 now and want to have it on 7 then my sp1 will have it on 7 again. so i will need to reorder all my skills everytime i switch my sp. I don't think this is hard to do. That would be a very very nice thing. After all it would have NO contra points for the players at all.
  6. Aye okay yea i was doing the sakura quest and the mobs there arent trhat high but drop alot of items (also the quest items) and my kliff sometimes last hit them and my pet was like: no, im not gonna pick that up because this dog touched it! :c how do i close this? do i even have to close this? lul #closerequest
  7. I'm actually not sure if it is a bug or if it should be a suggestion so I'll keep that one here. If a partner or the pet itself kills a monster it doesn't pick up the drops. That's actually all. Would be nice if that would be implemented bc if my partner manages to last hit and i miss a drop that's sometimes really annoying bc i keep walking and do not notice this everytime