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  1. btw photo with guitar not just for decorations. i play and sing. maybe will show. im recording time-by-time.
  2. that's exactly what im doing. and that's why im here. most action games i found is jap or korean. totally jap or korean, with interface and quests to. and im not that good in jap or korean. will try games here. maybe will find somthing.
  3. btw any 1 with non-target battle system? prefeer action-like. with good fighting, no clicking enemy till death.
  4. no, Batman off course i am. saw twin saga on Aeria. its too p2w-oriented there.
  5. for introduce. what else could be?
  6. name is Xeniya (yep, same as login). new here. just searching for a good game. it's meh. http://prntscr.com/f7pnzk
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