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  1. That was the first think that u should post @Elrond xD. btw, still weird
  2. Upgrade rate

    Well, that happen when he say an argument without any proof too For me its simple logic, u increased the fixed lvl to "balance" the economy, but its the same amount of fail, then, gonna be more fails. I say reset cause that affect on the low eq upgrade, its not for me super +9 no, its just on the situation of someone new, that need almost +6+7 to introduce on the late game, and not the same farm possibilities of a +25. There are other ways to balance the gold of the game that don't involve all the lvls. I not kick no one, i just want good arguments and not that shit of "I upgrade good so then everybody upgrades good to". Idk how its the secondary education on other countries but there is an assignature that taught me that u shouldn't try to disccuss something giving a subjective opinion, that don't gonna resolve anything. I did the suggestion cause i see that the upgrade rate it's a general problem and not just bad luck.
  3. Maybe for post an unofficial nostale xD. @Kailash bring some light on this.
  4. Upgrade rate

    Well, its not my circle, they are random ppl that talk to me when i complain on speaker about the upgrade rate on eq actually, but hey, if u think that the opinion of ur dear Caos1 its enoguth okay, i dont' gonna lost more time
  5. Upgrade rate

    Well, kinda like no every body use the forum, almlst the discussion section.
  6. Hard to believe it withiut ant fount. Also the sprite if the chatactee dont seems of the style of nostale. . In addition, Nostale is based ion 3 main clads and the other 24 specific class, they game had been developed creating more specialist (5 6 7 8) hard to believe that after 10 years they gonna do other class. That include other 8 sub-classes Anyway, i would love a new line of specialist that fill the space, kinda like, a water and fire element for dagger, fire water and shadow for xbow, and the same for gun.
  7. Upgrade rate

    I refer tot he boost that do ppl upgrae+9 with two tries, that was 1 day long. if that just happen to me and jsut a few times. but its worst
  8. Upgrade rate

    Unlucky UNLUCKY DUDE THAT ITS NOT JuST BAD LUCK LMAO. For me ur arguments had no sense since u was one that take advantage of the boost. RESTORE THE RATE, because id u really think that if one + fail the other notx ur so newbie Caos, seriuosly. I consider myself old enought on this game for know when something its wrong, and this its definitly wrong. Im not the only, too much ppl complain about that, cause surpass the nornal rate. Its not a +9 +10, we r talking about a +6 +7 upgrade tha r NECCESARLY to play the game. Listen to the community @Bash.
  9. Upgrade rate

    Well, the suggestion it's simple, restore the upgrade rate to the original rate. It's not funny when a weapon +6 to +7 have the same fails of an old +8^^ had no sens for me, so @Bash i pray u for check it.
  10. Some Little Arena Improvements

    Spanish players? well i say it cause are maybe not onily UK, but mostly random servers that stay hunting since on other servers ppl just have allowed to do that shit things and then they do it Here u have a graphic example of what happens on NostaleES when "hunt" goes wild Min 7:23
  11. Suggestions balance sp6 archer

    Well green, sorry, but u eat crit of all the sps so, better buy jewel, cause i doubt that u have 160% anticrit
  12. should we undo patch v13?

    The only good fact flr this update is that zenas start to be worth itx and then o expect that gonna be more and more resistances. How aboout a system as the act5.2 raid dailies for the act6 raids? But without bug and without be so long (maybe 20 raids since u need get 6 resistances not 1) @Bash
  13. should we undo patch v13?

    Well, it's not needed a super high goal of points, just a few for garanted that the alts dont' received a shit. Nostale its an mmo, not the monopoly
  14. should we undo patch v13?

    Well, the problem @Bash, is that when u decrease " a bit" its a lot, i say u again, ban the alts, limit the alt, cause u r fucked ppl that don't do a shit just for 2 kids. Btw, maybe the eq degree not affect too much, but the remove of r7 and r8 its absolutly retarded, eqs that before cost 70kk now cost 400kk, making a rift between the news and the veterans.
  15. Suggest mob act6

    btw all get balanced with the cellon 9