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  1. Alkarin

    Rigidity & stun nerf

    I had 98% antieffect to all stun and some guys and on act6 i get stuned? Why Because two facts, an effect NEVER gonna down of 1% And u don't just do a imple 2-2=0 If u have 70% to all negative effects, and the lucifer have a 60% of get effect on S, then u decrease a 70% of 60%. 70*60/100 = 42% decrease. 60% - 42% = 18% of get the effect.
  2. Alkarin

    Rigidity & stun nerf

    It's not bugged, the problem is that most of ppl doesnt understand how works the antieffects on this game. And more disagree if its for pvp.
  3. Alkarin

    Best wings for each mage SP

    For me onyx and fairy are preety uselss, archimage just have 3 good skills of dmg, i see more worth just an elemental wing :/, not much skills too trigger onyx/fairy
  4. Alkarin

    Buff on Titanium wings

    its true that now are not useless, but when i was talking with a few friends we thought that 5% wasnt enought, the wings mostly of times are expected to be more offensive, and actually u have less dmg than an elemental one, and the dmg is only on pvp so. Maybe up to 7%, or to 10% deleting the defence stat.
  5. Alkarin

    Specialist 5 Volcano changes.

    Well, mostly of mages just enjoy going full element and attack out of res, so, if u havent a build for pvp, ofc u gonna suck on that. The chance are not wrong, ppl have antieffects ( i have 65% to overall lvl 3), if u depende fully on effects ur done.
  6. Alkarin

    Zenas raid

    The game should be fair, its annoying the time of the zenas raid? yeah, as fuck. Should it be removed? no, ccause ppl would spam the raid and prob gotta stay like erenia, without r7 r8 box The prblem is that ppl is deseperated and down on mass the prices, kinda like if erenia's raidbox cost 2kk, and u won the double amount than zenas, then zenas should cost 4kk, u won the same gold, just depend on a regulation.
  7. Alkarin

    Zenas raid

    PPl just don't run zenas casue the time, the heavenly eq is the most worth it on pvp. The problem is that ppl abuse all, if zenas get shorter bash prob delete the r7 r8 box too casue the spam. And the other mainly reason is that there are not much ppl with a really strong shadow sp
  8. Alkarin

    [Community] Feedback

    I repeat u, i do much more gold doing the typicall farm than the event, even using 3 sands so don't talk if u don't know.
  9. Alkarin

    [Community] Feedback

    Totally disagree with the extend of the event, since yeah, i also want the new pet, but to be honest, there are mjor priorities than a freaking pet, and specially with easter and summer event fthe farms spots are a shit, u only won crap of the event that its mostly not worth. I want farm god dammit , think for the next events, almost the ones with too much kinds of drops, low the rate of it on the farm spots (act5.2, act 6...)
  10. Alkarin

    NosTale Roadmap

    Act 6.2 is mostly done for the low eq ppl to lvl up on chill. Fernon is hard as fuck. Btw, @BashIf u pretend balance the pvp of the game u should do it after act 6.2 since the passives changes a lot. Also i want 6.2 cause maybe with that act4 gonna be a bit more active since ppl don't even do the FC raids. Anyway, as kailash say, now a days u just can go farm act6 so the other things are shit, act4 is rip, arena is fully of crap ppl that only want disturb. A new quest with new items to grind like valhalla would be great, and its not something that u can rush.
  11. Alkarin

    Ibrahims treasure

    if u havent a big resistance decrease (like leech) u don't gonna denote the dmg at all, ibrahims its not bad, but on act6 always its better raw dmg
  12. Alkarin

    Energy Squares

    U can group in and out to find it faster. Still its a mechanic. Not all should be easy.
  13. Alkarin

    Market prices

    Actually onyx its not a basic of the game. so u don't need it permanent. u have plenty of viable options on nb
  14. Alkarin

    Criticising NosMall Rotation 12.04.2018

    I'm agree with Elrond, have no sense divide the set, and more when ppl gonna farming for stetic, not for utility
  15. Alkarin


    Actually u can disabled the speakers, that its the channel used for trade.