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  1. I don't say that is a bad idea the new class, i just say that i would prefer new sp's that give utility to secondary weapons, At the end is less work also.
  2. Alkarin

    Equip C25-C28 PvE Archer

    Anyway, if u got good sls and wk's u can won more money with act 6.1 and lvling ppl than on erenias in average
  3. Alkarin

    Equip C25-C28 PvE Archer

    Priority: High sls -> Enhaced dmg -> S dmg -> crit or other stuff U can have tons of dmg without S dmg on pve, dont get fooled by most of ppl perspective
  4. I dont know if a new class... but definitly new specialist for the secondary weapons would be awesome. Like a magic light bow for a gun ligh mage specialist (Check DS3 miracle that summon a bow to grt the reference xD)
  5. Alkarin

    Some FC adjustments

    % FC raid depends of ppl playing in FC, so is kinda useless Act4 raids is not FC, is gonna be empty anyway, endgame players mostly even touch FC raids so why improve them? What we need is something valuable for eveyone that makes ppl stay in FC. Make more raids don't gonna revive it anyway
  6. Alkarin

    Formula Damage

    More simple The increased part doesnt coun the defence, as simple as that.
  7. Alkarin

    Hide Custome option

    Oh, sorry then xD, This can be closed
  8. Alkarin

    C 45 Weapons price

    Ppl doesn't play archer, they play scout/wk, so yeah, no one nmains av and assasin and more with the crit red buff of the swordman The point is the same, pay freaking 500kk for a fucking bet bow is RI-DI-CU-LOUS
  9. Alkarin

    Hide Custome option

    Cause not all the customes r well-good looking but r neccesary, i would like to have an option that hide the appeareance of the differents cparts of the customes cause i really like the c48 archer armour aesthetics
  10. Alkarin

    C 45 Weapons price

    Honestly this wouldn happen if the eq were stay with the same drop as the official.. The fact is that in fernon is so many stuff that can drop, that makes some equipments really annoying to get (and if u add to it that the fernons r capped on groups of friends more than marathons itself…) For me its something that really affected to the price, would had been better if the FC raids still got the c45/c48 equipments, mostly cause that would have made glace revive and would had been really good to all the players that wanna upgrade the eq (And don't say that the fact that u make a imperative buff to the eq makes the c25 kinda a joke, especially the armour, when it shouldnt be like that, and i know that the buff just werent working, but maybe had been better options)
  11. Alkarin

    Wing Ideas

    Without the intention to offend will be good new exclusive wings of vendetta, but u better do the concept part I honestly would love a wings that its just focused on speed and give +2 speed instead of 1. But yeah, all the "customization" that is able to be added to the game is welcomed. (?)
  12. Alkarin

    S Monster Effect on Fernon

    Sorry but mostly of the ppl in vendetta r wrong with this option. The option actually works, and its way better than the S dmg Every boss (Field boss/Raid Boss) is denominated as high lvl monster And that is what the option means, u can easily test it with Fc raidboss or any other boss, even the laurena's beast. The fact about this option, almost for what get tested in Nostale ES, itss that this option its applied on the final dmg, on the other hand the S dmg is applied on ur base dmg. This game has some failures and ppl dont usually understand at all the game (cuz u need gold to test it, or search in some forums xD) Other option that is bad explianed, and i did tested by myself, is dmg to evil, this options refer to demons, and its bad translated, it doesnt trigger in demons, it triggers in low lvl monstwrs such as magmaros, bacooms and act 6.2 mobs I let the link of the official forum for the reference, its not translated, but google can help u with thatón-S-Aumenta-el-Daño-Contra-Monstruos-de-Niveles-Superiores-X/
  13. the ideal Points is almost 100-60, if u reach 100-80 is pure magic, that is why i say good sls. The best defence is a good attack Anyway, also try to get a good holly alt and a sader alt, that gonna makes ur life easier in act6
  14. About armors he don't really need sdef, if u want to chill while luring u need to get a really good sls, with enhaced if possible. And crit dmg reduction to resist the hits That is what i would consider basic
  15. Alkarin

    Channel no xp

    Well, most of the things that get banned was the abuse of them. The bots r alts, use alts for get more reward from one ts without lvling up... Kinda affects. Maybe u should learn how to read, not me I come in a chill mood, if u wanna be toxic go fortnite and cry there. CUT DOWN UR EGO