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  1. Thank you all; and I hope so too!
  2. To put things simply, I'm new here, and I look forward to being around in the foreseeable future. I commonly go by "Cyan", but I use "Cyanic" as a username on some forums to due name availability and not wanting to give out my more unique usernames (I can be a tad shy). To be honest, I came upon this community by looking for a private server of Scarlet Blade, since I didn't really get to play it back when it was still up, but I always thought it sounded interesting. I'm glad to see one, since, well, y'know. I'm not quite used to private servers, and don't really know much aside from that they're (relatively) small, unofficial servers, so I'd be glad if anyone could give me some more information. This seems to be a nice and interesting community, so, uhhh... IDon'tReallyKnowWhatToEndThisWith... I hope to get to know you, I guess? And such.