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  1. A MAGICAL LOTTERY! [Numbers]

    - Your In-Game name: nfest - Five numbers choosen: 11, 26, 43, 52, 71
  2. Golds.. Golds.. and Golds...

    What’s the abuse that you mean? 1 people farming with 2-3 accounts in the same ts? You should look if you can’t delete the reward if there are more than 1 account in the ts with the same ip. If not, my bad. But nowadays there is not a way to make gold. Everyday the richest people is getting more rich and the poor people is getting more poor where the unique solution is make ic private with alters or resell (you need a base of money for that). my suggestion would be old ts but x2-x3-x4 (less golf if you want) or ban the multiaccounts. You tried your best letting them use more accounts and they abuse. It is not your bad.
  3. Hello, how does that option works? Does it add fake element points to your sp or what? And what's the difference about "Element energy: X%" and "Element propertie: X points"