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  1. True its like with raidboxes when they get really high price ppl. Will start spam that raid and lower its price
  2. Mikkel

    Few Suggestions!

    well it happened to me 2 weeks ago i used like 50 amulets on a night and i continued in the mornning very tired drinking my coffee smoking a cigar and i didnt pay attention when my ammulet expired so i continued bet and it got destroyed,so im just saying there are few cases when it can happen and by implementing a warning sign with confirm its only a positive option
  3. Mikkel

    Few Suggestions!

    Easy to say and normally works, but there are situations when u are distracted and the bad thing happens, anyway its a suggestion im not implying its a must do
  4. Mikkel

    Few Suggestions!

    A minor suggestion, if you could implement a warnning and a confirm button when u bet a C lvl eq without amulet just like the one for selling it to npc. It recently happend to me i was notified that my amulet expired but didnt pay attention and it got destroyed.