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  1. For Mystery Box I would like magic Devilish Belle. Thank you! ✔️08/27/20
  2. I would like Whimsical summer stroll suit on the crystal altar PLIS <3.
  3. For Crystal altar I would love Whimsical summer stroll suit and Seraphic wings legendary ✔️07/18/19 please. Thank you!
  4. I was unsure of where to put this so if this isn't the right place could a GS/GM move it to the right place. I wanted to know if Jordan or any of the Gm's would update us on any timeline on when to expect new level 105/awakened armor since on this post that part didn't have any dates or any sort of concrete info and it would be very suefl for me right now in making some decisions. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, for the crystal altar, I would like magic thicket Jelly rabbit prime pet. And I would also like Mysterious bitten scroll of ninjutsu legendary. ✔️Altar 04/25/19 Thanks!
  6. I don't think you understand my point. A new POD map doesn't change the vastly disproportionate man hours involved in getting the set compared to the str set... POD is random, you need to purchase twist of fate tools and you need to get fame as well. The fame is a bit of a chore but not as big a deal to get, but the honor stars are a nightmare compared to that. As for the four hours of farming to get your set IDK about that. I've farmed a fair bit and spent a ton of gold on the eden altar and only have 2 pieces, IDK how you got yours in only 4 hours and it's damn near impossible if you don't find any TOF to buy....there should be an option that doesn't involve you basically relying the availability of a racial craft to get. The other set does not and is in some ways even superior to this set, I just don't see why it should be that more tedious to get this one .
  7. I was wondering If the GM's could look into adding another path to get honor stars apart from arena and POD(or Gambling like a madman on the gem altar). I was thinking a sort of repeatable you can only do 5 times (or a certain number of times) per day that gives you some Honor stars. I've spent a lot of time personally trying to get the fame sets and some arena sets and it feels like the effort you have to put in for the set is really not worth it, it doesn't have extraordinary stats or anything compared to its crafted/str counterpart and it feels a bit unfair that it is much harder to obtain for those who want it.
  8. For altar I would like. Energized armored kaijou Altar 02/09/19, stealthy assassin dagger and mysterious bitten scroll of ninjutsu. Alatar 02/02/19 For mystery boxes I would like angel wing rapier black and blazeblight cestus purple Blaze on Mystery Box 11/29/18
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