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  1. New Mistery Box

    I want to revive glacernon and arena of talent/master and I think It for AoT and AoM, add new mistery box where you can change It for coins (i think one mistery box with only golden coins [96]). Another mistery box, I don't know if someone remember this points https://imgur.com/a/3UazX but my idea os this: add again thats points and you can buy mistery box only in glacernon with It. (In this mistery box only has things with winter themed). Thanks for you attention. ^^ Hanna
  2. % drop/optimization/upgrade/raidbox

    Thanks for answering and sorry for the inconvenience. ^^
  3. It's possible to say that information? If possible, I want know the next things: Ancient Civilisation Tablet (Raidbox Kertos) Upgrade equip to +10 (someone say me 0,01% but I'm not sure) Optimization SP to +15 (In many pages say 1% but maybe in Vendetta this varies) Laurena's Witch Hat Caligor horn Maybe I want know something more but I don't remember now.Thanks for your attention. Hanna
  4. Glacernon and trophy

    Angel: 10% damage to demons. Demon: 10% damage to angels. For all: 5% damage to angels and demons. I think this is the secundary effect of the fairies, but for trophies it could be less.
  5. Glacernon and trophy

    I thiought about adding one trophy thats only works in Glacernon. And could also add three thopies, for angel, demon and for all. These trophies will be similiar to the fairires of act 6.2.
  6. Glacernon and trophy

    Add 5 new trophies for these raids or new rewards: Lord Hatus, Lady Calvina, Lord Berios, Lord(?) Morcos, Caligor. Why? becouse these trohpies maybe can to revive Glacernon (there are only have few people). And with this trophies could increase Glacernon people. https://imgur.com/zIV4uxc People when is demon raid. PD: I'm angel.
  7. Suggestions block account !!

    I understand this: To be able to eliminate security block. For example, you put $lock 123456 and now you don't want more block you change channel and don't need put code.
  8. Fairy Wings

    Can explain why? I think they are weak now compared to the others.
  9. Balance Archer SP (5 - 8)

    I'm main AA and I can say that maybe that SP don't need less cooldown,his skills have little cd and for it AA doesn't need more attack, It need more defense, It in defense is weak (even with halo Buff). About another SPs.... I LOVE YOU, I don't like scout for his buff but my favorite SPs are AA and Fire Cannonmer and It's beutiful. <3
  10. Fairy Wings

    After I read this Patch -> I'm still thinking they are bad and one side effect can help this wings. And yes, 10% for reset cd is fine but all wings have another effects (5% damage defense or another effect). Before the patch I compared this wing with Goolden and Onyx, but now... I can't compare with Goolden or Onyx. About Delbronx, maybe it return soon.
  11. Fairy Wings

    Hi, I want one upgrade for this wings, why? Becouse all wings have been upgrade and now, I think that fairy wings are the most weak. I don't care the effect they may have, (even 1% colddown), but if these wings are compared with goolden (resists force 25% to 100% and 15% defense),archangel, archdemon, blazing and frosty (defense and attack 10%), and fairy (7% to 10%). All wings have one side effect except fairy. Only want to put them a little better. If someone don't want this, please explain to me why. Thanks for your attention. ^^
  12. Chang for the future

    But the problem is this, one mage with equip +45 only reduce resistance 21% and with new resistance you can get 240% resistance only with S5 (i mean resistance with 20% in S0), with that's resistance maybe and with very much lucky you can reduce many resistance. I speak one mage in PvP, almost all mage's SP reduce resistance and with that equip, It's difficult for one mage to win. PD: only found images in spanish, if someone can put in english so the everyone understands, I would appreciate It.
  13. Destroyer rework

    Hi, my opinion is that: 1.- I've defeated with my destroyer +9 all swordman's SP (the other person has better equip and SP than me). 2.- There are some skills that should change (Hell drop: make it faster when used) (Lucky wideshot: that skill say "Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 100%" it isn't always 100%) and maybe another skills. 3.- I love that SP becouse is very funny, and other people don't use that SP becouse they think "That SP is useless for PVP" 4.- I think that SP It's very tank of archer's SP (I can tank vs two or more people with that SP with different element (water and fire)).
  14. Chang for the future

    Hi, I've played again after 3 months (school and another things) and while I was looking in another Nostale the act 6.2 equip, i could see that the mage's equip is worst and o want after they add It @Bash could modify It ( I mean equip +45). And don't say it for me (I'm archer) , if not for some mages that they can't compete versus swordman or archers. Tomorrow when I've time I will put images about that equip. Thanks for your attention!^^
  15. Missing channel number 5,6,7.

    Hi! It's Hanna's Time u.u. My idea is this, If possible add channels 5, 6 and 7 but disable IC or another similar activiy (as IceBreaker). I say this becouse some friends can't find site in act 5 for lvl and i think it's more difficult to get gold. Thanks for your attention u.u