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  1. Hanna

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Archangel and Archdaemon, Nelia Nymph.
  2. Hanna

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Archangel and Archadaemon wings Hanna
  3. Hanna

    Normal Wings (Angel, devil, fire and ice)

    I think I explained wrong, or you didn't understand me, only want one buff for that wings, becouse nothing use it, and I love that wings. (I would be happy with +1 speed) Hanna
  4. Few people usually use that wings, and if that people use it after they change to better ones. If is possible i want put one buff to these wings as archdaemon, archangel, blazing fire and other (can't remember name) but more lite, for example 1-2% all attack and defense, energies 10-20 and movement speed is incresased by 1. Also this will make people buy more wings in VGN Shop. Thanks for your attention ^^ Hanna
  5. Hanna

    Shining red souls

    Today, I was looking prices in NB, and there's only 2 pages of Shining red souls, it's over 115k and I think it need more drop. This increase can help lower lvl in gold production. Idea apart: One help for low lvl would be add in some monster items like broken diamond and Unscathed diamond, since it become less act 5 and more act 6. Hanna
  6. Hanna

    Mistery box

    @Bash, do you have plan to add titanium wings in mistery box? We have been one year, and they all come except titanium wings. (If you don't want put in a mistery box, put it in VGN shop, please) Thanks for your attention. ^^ Hanna
  7. Hanna

    Quality Gaming Changed

    This is NosBazar, 28-03-2018: https://imgur.com/a/60Odu Only one page of WoA in NosBazar. Hanna
  8. Hanna

    Quality Gaming Changed

    That's not the problem, that happen is that people don't go to farm it. Almost all WoA we have in NB is for Glacerus' box and Dracos' box. I agree with put It in Bash for 20-25k. Hanna
  9. Hanna

    New Mistery Box

    Thanks for answering ^^
  10. Hanna

    New Mistery Box

    I want to revive glacernon and arena of talent/master and I think It for AoT and AoM, add new mistery box where you can change It for coins (i think one mistery box with only golden coins [96]). Another mistery box, I don't know if someone remember this points https://imgur.com/a/3UazX but my idea os this: add again thats points and you can buy mistery box only in glacernon with It. (In this mistery box only has things with winter themed). Thanks for you attention. ^^ Hanna
  11. Hanna

    % drop/optimization/upgrade/raidbox

    Thanks for answering and sorry for the inconvenience. ^^
  12. It's possible to say that information? If possible, I want know the next things: Ancient Civilisation Tablet (Raidbox Kertos) Upgrade equip to +10 (someone say me 0,01% but I'm not sure) Optimization SP to +15 (In many pages say 1% but maybe in Vendetta this varies) Laurena's Witch Hat Caligor horn Maybe I want know something more but I don't remember now.Thanks for your attention. Hanna
  13. Hanna

    Glacernon and trophy

    Angel: 10% damage to demons. Demon: 10% damage to angels. For all: 5% damage to angels and demons. I think this is the secundary effect of the fairies, but for trophies it could be less.
  14. Hanna

    Glacernon and trophy

    I thiought about adding one trophy thats only works in Glacernon. And could also add three thopies, for angel, demon and for all. These trophies will be similiar to the fairires of act 6.2.