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  1. SWs were actually pretty strong at 54 cap it's 59 cap they were crap in. My take is looking at SW in a 1v1 perspective they're probably the strongest class in the game but that isn't true for mass pvp where they struggle to get anything done like most melee classes. Only way to really play SW in mass pvp without mass feeding is to just play a more support dps/cc role, stay further back protect medics or be a CC bot and just spam aoe disables/stuns and get out.

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  2. Yeah always had the high ACC/CHACC buff, the debuffs and atk passive is what's new to 65 cap. Also damage passive was total trash and a waste of points b4 limeox reworked it for the 65 cap patch

  3. It was around the same time I posted the video both of their gears are just as good as mine were. Even the strongest SWs back then needed a whole mech>arkana>mech rotation just to down me in ghost/eva set, a 2nd gear set was unnecessary and just overkill so I never made one until 65 cap.

  4. On 7/1/2020 at 11:16 AM, Sabin said:

    btw i am just sick of these SW's crying everytime. when i played SW in level 59 i found it so good. but these Aslea and Heaven noobs used to cry a river about how SW has less damage and asking for literally 3500 crit atk. 

    It wasn't completely useless but 59 cap SW truly was trash. I'd tank them in full ghost and eva jewels/randoms all that was needed was exhaust. Just look at this lmao 


  5. 15 hours ago, iProtect said:

    I already absolutely hate the new skills buffs/nerfs at my cap on PU, ME, and WH and am still pissed that they were combined and made into new ones. Ya'll want to make new skills, make them. Leave the old ones alone. Tweak them if you want in the name of "balance". But my wallets shut if this is something that's going to happen every patch.

    PU at 29 cap is actually a lot better now then it was b4. ME and WH is more or less the same.

  6. 44 minutes ago, GoddessSand said:


    Ok but why are you comparing a medic buffed SE to a solo SW? SWs supported by the medic ch eva buff are basically impossible to stun even with 280+ ch acc I have missed all 3 stuns. Oh and I was talking about my own experience fighting SWs before the patch, it was pretty much 50-50 despite me doing everything possible to counter em and SW doing absolutely nothing to counter me.

  7. 2 hours ago, GoddessSand said:


    If you call maxing out 2 sets for the sole purpose of beatings SWs only to go 50/50 at best against SWs with a single set and rare jewels fine, sure. Not much of a counter if I have to try that hard just to have a chance, not an advantage just a chance. Anyways SE still have to build to counter SW it's not like we gave em a magic button that automatically allows them to stun and kill all SWs.

  8. 53 minutes ago, GoddessSand said:


    SE is SWs direct counter and it finally feels that way if the SE builds for it, so it's in a good spot imo. The match up is in SEs favor but it's not totally 1 sided. SWs still have many ways to get the advantage over SE with either more conceal or starting mech first since mech stun beats every stun SE has.

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