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  2. I think it would be fine to raise ch eva on the medic buff so it's the same with medic acc buff. It only makes sense that the 2 cancel eachother out
  3. PU is one of the most simple classes in the game only reason it's hard to balance is cause all this contradiction in the feedback.
  4. What if PU keeps their current DPS but are allowed to move in firing squad? Would they still suck or would it save PU?
  5. PU at 29 cap is actually a lot better now then it was b4. ME and WH is more or less the same.
  6. Ok but why are you comparing a medic buffed SE to a solo SW? SWs supported by the medic ch eva buff are basically impossible to stun even with 280+ ch acc I have missed all 3 stuns. Oh and I was talking about my own experience fighting SWs before the patch, it was pretty much 50-50 despite me doing everything possible to counter em and SW doing absolutely nothing to counter me.
  7. If you call maxing out 2 sets for the sole purpose of beatings SWs only to go 50/50 at best against SWs with a single set and rare jewels fine, sure. Not much of a counter if I have to try that hard just to have a chance, not an advantage just a chance. Anyways SE still have to build to counter SW it's not like we gave em a magic button that automatically allows them to stun and kill all SWs.
  8. SE is SWs direct counter and it finally feels that way if the SE builds for it, so it's in a good spot imo. The match up is in SEs favor but it's not totally 1 sided. SWs still have many ways to get the advantage over SE with either more conceal or starting mech first since mech stun beats every stun SE has.
  9. Skill resets will be given out soon so try it then.
  10. Try out the DoTs before you say dps is shit. Those 3 DoTs alone get me below half while I'm spamming pots.
  11.!Zd8DhIJB!M7uvQjObQFzamFnh31iCWv0IJlFc-BfV4e0eUrG8AQ0 Alternate download provided by Zincite if this is what you need.
  12. Searched around and found this post by vivi, also a whitelisting guide which I assumed you did but I'll post anyway. Comment and guide are for nostale but I assume it applies for SB too. Version check error typically appears when the patcher cannot properly connect to the CDN. This could be because of a firewall, vpn, anti-virus, or a general program blocking it. Be sure to add the entire NTV folder to your anti-virus exception list. Try updating your Windows as well for windows defender (you can also temp turn it off as well and see if that effects it). You can also add the nt executable to your firewall exception list to guarantee it's allowed through. You can do this by following the instructions below: Choose Control Panel from the Windows Start menu. Open the Security Center utility. Beneath Manage security settings for, select Windows Firewall. The Windows Firewall dialog will be displayed. Determine the status of the Windows Firewall. If the Windows Firewall is off, it is not blocking connections from your host system. Regardless of the status, we recommend adding the program exception as the Windows Firewall may be turned on at any time. Open the Exceptions tab and click the Add Program button. In the Add a Program dialog, click Browse and locate the application you wish to allow. Verify is listed in the Programs and Services list and press the OK button to accept the changes and dismiss the dialog. Press OK on the network connection's "Properties" dialog to apply the changes. Note: Do not make any changes to the existing exceptions. Might also be best to give your router a good reset (shut it off for ~5 minutes) and restart your computer.
  13. Try finding "client.version" in the root folder delete it and run the launcher again. Not sure if it'll work but worth a try, also here's a good link to save for when SB decides to break for no reason. Hope it works
  14. You should be fine with +6s around lvls 20-39, once you hit lvl 40 mobs get a bit tougher you can maybe get through quests with +7s if you take 1 mob at a time. Now lvl 50 is where you really need to enhance depending on the class, you're gonna need +9 or +10s just to get through the quests. The quests give a decent amount of gold and the dungeon in the 50s tier can drop some pretty nice loot, it's up to you to decide if it's worth enhancing the gear there and camp it a bit. Anyway don't be afraid to ask for help in game or PMing me or any of the GS's if you have more questions. Good luck
  15. Ive gotten one from soloing behe lol