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  1. Not exactly going for speed but this is typically what a run looks like on SE. Could be faster but not by much unless I do an MM run.
  2. I can confirm that I failed two times in a row with 4 pieces of +10 gear. Rough day losing 8 pieces of +10 gear for nothing.
  3. Charon is actually very easy to tank without a DE, it just requires medics to cleanse the insane ch resist debuff it gives on the person with aggro.
  4. The non transformed versions would be nice too and probably a lot easier to do.
  5. Bikini


    Yeah always had the high ACC/CHACC buff, the debuffs and atk passive is what's new to 65 cap. Also damage passive was total trash and a waste of points b4 limeox reworked it for the 65 cap patch
  6. Bikini


    It was around the same time I posted the video both of their gears are just as good as mine were. Even the strongest SWs back then needed a whole mech>arkana>mech rotation just to down me in ghost/eva set, a 2nd gear set was unnecessary and just overkill so I never made one until 65 cap.
  7. Bikini


    It wasn't completely useless but 59 cap SW truly was trash. I'd tank them in full ghost and eva jewels/randoms all that was needed was exhaust. Just look at this lmao
  9. I think it would be fine to raise ch eva on the medic buff so it's the same with medic acc buff. It only makes sense that the 2 cancel eachother out
  10. PU is one of the most simple classes in the game only reason it's hard to balance is cause all this contradiction in the feedback.
  11. What if PU keeps their current DPS but are allowed to move in firing squad? Would they still suck or would it save PU?
  12. PU at 29 cap is actually a lot better now then it was b4. ME and WH is more or less the same.
  13. Ok but why are you comparing a medic buffed SE to a solo SW? SWs supported by the medic ch eva buff are basically impossible to stun even with 280+ ch acc I have missed all 3 stuns. Oh and I was talking about my own experience fighting SWs before the patch, it was pretty much 50-50 despite me doing everything possible to counter em and SW doing absolutely nothing to counter me.
  14. If you call maxing out 2 sets for the sole purpose of beatings SWs only to go 50/50 at best against SWs with a single set and rare jewels fine, sure. Not much of a counter if I have to try that hard just to have a chance, not an advantage just a chance. Anyways SE still have to build to counter SW it's not like we gave em a magic button that automatically allows them to stun and kill all SWs.