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  1. Still can't believe it. Rest in peace dude you'll never be forgotten.
  2. add an item merchant to bunker noob
  3. You still are invulnerable after respawning as long as you don't use a pot. I personally never found spawn camping all that bad since I never was truly trapped, it was always easy escaping when I felt like it.
  5. Sentinel Level 65 - Scarlet Blade Simulator - Limeox Here's something simple works for both pvp and pve. The passives are your choice switch to damage passive if you prefer more dps over survivability. I suggest you keep the HP if your pet isn't lvl40. If you can I suggest to keep playing around with the skills and learn what best fits your playstyle.
  6. That's too bad but you can always log the alt if you ever feel like checkin in on the game. 🤠
  7. SWs were actually pretty strong at 54 cap it's 59 cap they were crap in. My take is looking at SW in a 1v1 perspective they're probably the strongest class in the game but that isn't true for mass pvp where they struggle to get anything done like most melee classes. Only way to really play SW in mass pvp without mass feeding is to just play a more support dps/cc role, stay further back protect medics or be a CC bot and just spam aoe disables/stuns and get out.
  8. Not exactly going for speed but this is typically what a run looks like on SE. Could be faster but not by much unless I do an MM run.
  9. I can confirm that I failed two times in a row with 4 pieces of +10 gear. Rough day losing 8 pieces of +10 gear for nothing.
  10. Charon is actually very easy to tank without a DE, it just requires medics to cleanse the insane ch resist debuff it gives on the person with aggro.
  11. The non transformed versions would be nice too and probably a lot easier to do.
  12. Bikini


    Yeah always had the high ACC/CHACC buff, the debuffs and atk passive is what's new to 65 cap. Also damage passive was total trash and a waste of points b4 limeox reworked it for the 65 cap patch
  13. Bikini


    It was around the same time I posted the video both of their gears are just as good as mine were. Even the strongest SWs back then needed a whole mech>arkana>mech rotation just to down me in ghost/eva set, a 2nd gear set was unnecessary and just overkill so I never made one until 65 cap.
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