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  1. Just making dungeons viable for exp farming is enough to fix this problem imo. I know I'd be a lot more willing to help exp farm if some decent loot was involved.
  2. I have 2 sets dedicated just to beating SWs and it's still a huge struggle just to go 50/50 at best, but I'm ok with that idm that SWs could burst me through my tank set cause I think SWs dps rn is what it was always meant to be. The only problem I have is with how low SEs ch acc is compared to SWs ch eva. My SE's ch acc is completely maxed out it can't get any better and yet I'm lucky to maybe hit 1 out of 3 stuns most of the time missing all 3 on a equally geared SW, hell I still even miss ch attacks on a full eva built SW which shouldn't even be possible imo. Anyway I ain't saying we should be hitting 100% of the time but a small increase to make it a little more consistent and actually worth building would be great, and hopefully we'll be testing it all soon. Oh and I also believe WHs shouldn't have any ch acc added to their pulls whatsoever, their ch acc is already naturally high only getting beat out by SWs i believe, they can keep the acc though.
  3. yes gimme senketsu pls
  4. A bit high for most classes, absolutely broken for PU.
  5. The cooldown on heals are the same and they were actually buffed a bit but yeah damage is a little high
  6. The disable on restoration makes it almost useless get rid of it and just keep the slow.
  7. fite me 1v1

    1. Bikini


      Izi pizi lmen sqzi

  8. Oh yeah I only meant for SE not sure how useful it is for PU.