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  1. I tested yeah and It works too
  2. Evil works only in monsters who appears the exclanation on his head and they start attacking you. In other words, It deals dmg to Monsters Who arent pacific and they start attacking you first.
  3. I have to say that 2nd sp is one of the Best for PvP. It has got a lot of things to counter for example the scout and seer combos. U can improve your attack 20% as well, u can eliminate all debuffs lv 4 every 35 sec, It has got one of the most powerfull last, u can do a lot of debuffs on the enemy, u can hide for 15 secs and u can put one of the most Broken debuffs( full Moon debuff), u have speed and a lot of AoE. I think It doesnt suck in PvP and It can enter in the PvP rank. I only change 2 skills that they need more casting speed as Moon stage for example.
  4. Yeah im agree with the new IC but It needs an increase of reward
  5. I think DG its fine now because Need to fight against Assassins, scouts and seer. And if u Nerf DG's critical dmg It would be GG. I wish bash reduces CD ofi the DG skills