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  1. Nathael

    nostale Sp Nerfs , balance check ?

    Ah okey. Thanks!
  2. Nathael

    nostale Sp Nerfs , balance check ?

    Where can we see that chances? I mean on the official
  3. Nathael

    Korean Sp Balance

    I think DG its fine now because Need to fight against Assassins, scouts and seer. And if u Nerf DG's critical dmg It would be GG. I wish bash reduces CD ofi the DG skills
  4. Nathael

    Normal +30 EXP

    Disagree. X5 its enough and its stil really high. U can get +50 so easy if u play 2h a day
  5. Nathael

    Fernon Fairy Changes/FC raids

    +1 Totally agree
  6. Nathael

    PvP Mode: No Man's Land

    I wish they put the PvP patch soon...