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  1. How i can be sure isn't a virus on ?
  2. And the antivirus say a programm named : Not-a-virus:Heu.NetTool.win32TorJik.gen are a virus so --'
  3. I'm not gonna stop my antivirus for the game -_-' , if the game work after i turn off my antivirus that mean a virus as been implanted in the program -_-' ?
  4. I already put eden eternal vendetta in exception on my antivirus but nothing. Just run when i put off my antivirus
  5. Hello everybody, so i made this topic today cause i really need help, i made all action a can to play (lauch the game but he doesn't) i try all ! (Firewall, download again etc , all tutorial on the forum) But i can just launch the game when i put off my antivirus, someone have other solution cuz i don't really want to put off my antivirus --'
  6. Katsuneee

    Need help

    Hello everybody, i made this topic cuz i really need help, i trying a lot of solution for launch the game after all downloading but nothing work (i already made firewall etc) i can just run the game if i put off my antivirus, so do you have an another solution cuz i dont really want to put off my antivirus