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  1. Well i will wait for that, how i say, this is only a suggestion and you improved the game a lot. Thanks for the answers Jordan. I have others suggestions to do in other aspects of the game but i think i will wait to the next patch to make that suggestions i dont want to bother you.
  2. You need to think that in this may have and impact in that people that dont want to still playing, expanding the gameplay every time is good, i think you improve the game a lot, and i'm gratefull for that, but i really think this should be thinked again, you can add dificcult in other therms. for that reason i thinked on making all the golden weapons for not being soo easy, maybe make more expensive the golden craft of the weapons?, but well, this is only a suggestion, thanks for the answer. :3
  3. My idea was only for the weapon and armors, necklace and rings. for the world bosses, trophy, enchant, gems, minning, farming, altar for my it's fine to be gained for every character, besides if you want to be in the Rank, you will need to craft all the items again. for that reason i thinked that is fair i guess, making all the weaponds and armors for have only that achievements tradeable in your own characters.
  4. Sorry for the bad english. :c <3Well, i don't know how to start this post but i have a suggestion, i w?as thinking in how hard are the achievements to complete all, more after the lv90 achievements were installed,<3? Now my suggestion is, divide the achievements in normal and completed achievemens, all the normal achievements will stay how they are right now, but adding new achievements like 1H Weapon Master 1H Weapon Master (Holy) or (Complete) or (Legendary). For what, and what this new achievement will need to be gained?. Simple, the new achievement will be to gain the possibility to move your achievements to other character, via an item?, like the 95 all awk set. This can be only gained by completing all the 1 h weapon, 2 h weapon, set, etc, but, ALL, for this the achievement will request you to craft all 1 handed weapon of lv 1-65, the golden ones too, but needed to be crafted, for the armors, will need all the pieces of the armor, like Wild charm (Light armor lv65) Crown lv63 and brigandine lv63 and the previous ones to be earned. Wild Charm Holy (Light armor lv65) Crown lv63, brigandine lv63, belt lv63, gloves, lv63a and boots lv63 and the previous ones to be earned. I think this would be great if it's possible, because this will make that the people want to complete the achievements to make others characters strong. obviously if the achievement is lv 65, then the others character will need to be Lv65 or higher or it won't can use the achievement. if this is not possible well is a bit annoying because doing the same items again and again for other characters is ... well for me no make sense. For end up this post i want to say thanks for the hard work of the GM's for making the game more playable in every patch you make, the game is going in the right way and it's soo funny to play, i'm soo gratefull with Vendetta for not abandoning this game, i will understand if this is not possible for any reason that the gm's cannot control. ❤️ ~CalamityQueen.