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  1. Altar : - mysterious gentleman kimono (leg) box: - masamune ✔️08/22/19 - assassin coiffure ✔️08/22/19
  2. -Assassin's Coiffure on Mystery Box✔️08/22/19 -Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary)- Altar -Masamune all colors - Mystery box✔️08/22/19 Thanks!
  3. Request for altar: - incandescent zodiac star stone - silver dolphin Luna rock - jade sprite star gem - toy cigarette (legendary)✔️08/15/19 - stealthy assassin dagger (legendary) - mysterious spectacles (legendary)
  4. Hi, Can we have these items either on Gem/ Crystal altar or mystery box please? -Ghost Horns (Legendary) -Mysterious Gentleman kimono (Legendary) -Mysterious Cavalier Succat (Legendary) ✔️07/11/19 Thank you!