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  1. wouldnt it be good to remove the alt limiter on draco and glace since just with 1 alt it isnt worth to lead it. the important thing what we need is dragon hearth for fernon fairy dragon blood for upgrading and pp stones for sps it will help people a lot. but it would be better that draco glace boxes cant give you trophy pieces anymore. farming ice flower/ice cube in fc will be active again means low level player/new player can get some capital for there first eq/sps etc. from there and the popularity in fc will be much more active since rbb killed fc already there arent many players left which are going to fc
  2. Hey wanted to ask if someone know if S Monster Works on fernon some people say yes other People say no
  3. i just wanted to talk about something what would become useful in pvp that you can obtain from fernon raid because most people doing raids just to get better in pvp and i wanted that it will take some time to get this trophy anyway thats because i got the idea with the trophy pieces which you can get randomly by opening boxes (idk eventually getting this pieces will have a chance of 5%) i mean fernon isnt so popular because you need end game equipment to get a good team i didnt saw a good team that makes the raid in 1:30-2:30 min with very good c25 eq we needed at least 5-10 min each raid and just for 5-8 boxes each hour it isnt worth since the rate of getting eq/res isnt that high you use almost 150+ full potion each hour.... and it can happen that this team dont have any luck and gets one shottet in the raid which can cause some more fail raids. It doenst need to be all res trophy it was just an idea to attract more people for fernon. ps: if i made some englisch mistakes im sorry im german
  4. i have an idea what makes fernon more interesting and this idea includes that you can farm fernon pieces random by open fernon boxes and if you achieve idk lets say 13 of them you can trade it against a special trophy at mojo which gives you on r6 5 all res/r7 10 all res and r8 15 all res and some other effects
  5. I know basic effects got pretty much improvement and i realized that Swordman got rly nice buff with soft on second weapon, archer got hp on main weapon but what is with mage ? I realized compared with the c25 it has 1k less mp
  6. i lvl up with scout 1 by 1 and i had just hawk/ice/holy/wkb i needed around 18 hours from c30-c45 its pretty fast
  7. yeah farming 2 hours for 8kk seals.............i get more than 30kk each hour if i farm a6 its obviously not worth
  8. +1 its really annoying to farm pp stones in ul because most time you get killed by some people and i mean who wants to host this raid again before making some patches i mean its not worth at all the leader needs to pay at least 8kk for all seals..........
  9. yeah its realy rare and you need rly spend a lot of time in this event to get it of you are lucky af
  10. Someone know already from which Laurenas Treat or Laurenas Luxury Treat you can get Erze pet ?
  11. that name of it is hell knight and its already listet