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  1. Ok, i've solved it. There's a problem with some online banking app's that they install a Warsaw App, and EE doesnt work when this Warsaw App is installed, idk why. I'd to just uninstall it and restart my desktop and EE is working now. Ty so much for the help, and sorry for the trouble
  2. I've downloaded the .rar with a huge ton of C++ versions, tried to install them all, some of them said "you already have this version installed" and didn't lemme install it again, the rest i've installd them all
  3. So, there's no fix for this, staff gave up, sadly.
  4. No, both _Launcher and launcher.exe are still there, even while the game is still trying to open
  5. I answered it before. When i press Play, the launcher does indeed closes.
  6. It's the direct x 9 that was able to download on a fixed post here. When I press Play, the launcher closes, and my cursor sometimes even start the "download animation", with a spinning blue circle, but after that, nothing happens. Sometimes the .exe even pops up for half a second and it instantly closes. The error that i used to get was when i tried to open the launcher with administrator rights, but the launcher was opening anw, just popped an error before it. I don't remember it, I really didn't pay attention to it cause there was a huge ton of 0000000000 on the message error, and something about a file with that much 0 on it Edit : Oh, sometimes, after i press play and wait for a few moments, if i try to open the launcher again, it spams me an error, them when i press Ok, the launcher opens up again but there's no "play" button, just a "website" button
  7. So, i've stopped playing EE a few months ago, and now that i've bought a new desktop, i'm trying to come back to play, but i'm stuck with a problem, every time that i press the Play button on game launcher, the game just prompt up and suddenly closes, sometimes it doesnt even start, just nothing happens. I've looked for fixes on Help Section, and tried nearly everything on fixed posts(whitelisting, download directX, netframework, microsoft C++, and even tried the "game does not run after play" fixed post), i just didn't try to reinstall windows, cause that's not a workable possibility for me. Sometimes it gave me an error, but now it stopped doind that too I'm just hopeless, seekin some insight.