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  1. I know it's been shot down before in the past, but I just wanna throw it out there that we still have not given up on VGN making a Grand Fantasia server. Most of us still have a small sliver of hope that it will eventually happen. I just wanted to make this thread so you all can see and remember the support from the people wanting a new Grand Fantasia server and hopefully that might strike a spark to get somewhere if y'all can see a promising crowd that will show their support. This thread is not to bash anyone or anything and will be asked to be closed immediately if flaming occurs. Thank you! ❤️
  2. Ok hear me out. With both of the Eden Eternal servers dying slowly, could we bring the thought of trying a Grand Fantasia Classic server back into the mix for a new VGN game? The discord that was made to show support for the game showed that the game could possibly be a hit with over 1500 people joining.
  3. I could play the game just fine 2 days ago, but I got on today and it's telling me the game has Trojans and malware and whatnot and I cannot play the game. Ive tried adding the game files to exceptions and still nothing. Ive asked in discord but seems like no one is on or something, so can anyone help me?...
  4. With the new Grand Fantasia (Siwa) server basically being dead already, is there anyway to take a private server back into consideration?
  5. Yea, I am still hoping they release a server too. But every day that goes by, that hope goes down the drain more and more. :\ GF was clearly one of Aeria's biggest games. And I am 100% sure it will be a hit if they (Vendetta) decided to host a server.
  6. The new server is already sad. People already +15ing stuff and everything. Like come on. And its only day 3.
  7. Even though Official GF just released a new server, PLEASE do not give up on this private server if y'all are still thinking about it. I'm begging y'all. I would, and pretty much everyone else, would rather play a non p2w version of Grand Fantasia.
  8. Where did someone say for people to start at level 80? We are talking about starting the level cap at 80. So you grind from 1-80. Then you cannot level past 80 until they release the 90/100 cap.
  9. I meant I played official GF for like 7 years. I played the GF PS for 1 year+. Starting the cap at level 80 is just a suggestion. It will make PvP more active for the time being for those who wanna stop at level 80. I do not mind if they fully release Lvl100. I do not mind the grind. I was the first person to reach Lvl100 on the GF PS (as a crusader). It's not an issue. I just feel like more people will actually take the time to talk to each other and make friends if a lower cap was in place before 100 instead of people no lifing rushing to level 100. But that is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.
  10. I can respect your opinions on all of the topics but the #1. All purple items do, is make classes that are not suppose to be tanky, tanky. 1. Assassins/Darkstalkers should not be tanky They should be squishy, but with high evade. 2. Mages should be squishy as well, but high dps. 3. Mystics should have to switch forms instead of tanking everything in wolf form. 4. Sharpshooters, who plays this class for PvP anyway lul. 5. Templars should be tanky, but over tanking is a problem. 6. Prophets - with sleep hammer and sleep relic, who wants to hit this class in PvP anyway? Those 2 items make them tanky enough as it is.
  11. I am all for a new GF Private Server since I played it like 7 years straight. I really miss this game. 1. No purples. 2. No MO Limits. 3. No combat mounts, it's an indirect counter to some classes. 4. Start off with 80 cap. 5. No dungeon/map restrictions. 6. +15 max fort only. 7. No candies for PvP. Dungeons are okay. 8. Weekly events. (i.e. Crazy Raids, Roll the Dice, etc etc) 9. Even though I never played with the new classes, please do not add them. I've heard so many complaints about them. That's all I can think of for now. Will add more later once I think of them.
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