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  1. Bread

    Gear safety

    So there's two main suggestions that I think some people would appreciate. First I would love to have some scroll, enchant or something, or a way to "safe" my gear, in the way that I for example don't accidentaly arcane/sell/drop it. And before you all go "wow your fault, you should just be careful, etc etc" With how much we gear swap, sell, trials, etc. It could be bound to make a mistake eventually. For example, 1AP for a scroll to make it unavailable to be sold, or arcane'd. Only dropped but double confirm. In other note, some altar suggestion. An auto altar option, with a "target/highlight" boxes, so that if it lands on those spots, take it and not pass, and obviously last row is all take. So that I can set it up. "play 100ec's" Same for both altars. I hope both or any of these options can be done. Thanks
  2. Bread

    Shielder riparonis

    I have to agree on Tanks being useless, they need a rebalance. I think it's easier to either rebalance tanks than nerf everyone else (which please don't) An End-game tank, with all +14's and all resists etc, best awakened gear, forst, etc. all dmg reduction stuff. Still gets absolutely destroyed. The problem here is that 'squishies' aren't squishies. When the mdps/pdps gets almost the same amount of resistances as tanks, there's no point for a tank. with them lifestealing. Tanks should be something in the game, as in PvP and PvE. Suggestions for PvE: Increase hella lot the malice on skills from tanks, since there's absolutely no way they can hold off aggro. Suggestions for PvP: Remove lifesteal on pve's, Halve resistances or somethign like that on non tank classes. Increase resistances limit on tank classes, maybe even DEF limit as well. -Pro's: Tank vs player would actually be scary since you can't lifesteal on him, and he will get less dmg received from more limit on resistances. Tanks would be scary and....TANKY. Since so far they can't be tanky no matter what on a PVP stage. Of course this is just throwing things on the table, but I hope it gets considered, so far a tank is pretty useless so that needs to be changed. #makeTanksGreatAgain #tanklivesmatter
  3. Bread

    Making more instances Anti-DC

    This is the post I was look for. Yeah that kinda gets annoying, is there a way to receive maybe a custom item that substracts -1 on the current run when you get alpaca'd, but only when alpaca'd inside a dungeon, so there's no exploits on that side, plus item expires after 24h. Can that be a possible workaround? Since it's kinda annoying how you have 3 attempts daily on a trial, and then you get alpaca'd with nothing to do then. Thanks
  4. Bread

    [EE] Christmas Item Requests!

    IGN: Bread Item: Shadow Kitty (Legendary) :D!