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  1. im talking about 5 points not unlimited.
  2. You return about 5 saved point. Boring always log in with alts to return to somewhere.
  3. Another -You can put more wings on the sp and you can change them.
  4. Im talking about that like after you open 100-200 ibrahim bag you will get sure ibrahim trophy. You open 100-200 spider box get spider trophy. I know the system was in game im playing for one and half years.
  5. Thanks for reply !
  6. 1. Stacking raidboxes. Means different rarity. 2. Getting sure trophy after open 200-300 boxes. Coz anoying after you open 150-200 boxes and still you didnt get the trophy 3. Dont have to eat your pet. Anoying while mobbing. 4. X days Fairy booster
  7. Demon hunter disguesting soft crit, debuffs, healing. Max 4-5 fps in one hour of mobbing. Good in pvp too. So good sp