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  1. Speed of my internet > 30mbps Download speed launcher>> 300kbps-1mb Is there any other link to download the client? Thanks
  2. I can't even get on the map 🤬 Anyone else with this problem? It started a few days ago 🤬🤬
  3. in this case? https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/spawn/#group_costume
  4. How can I get it? Dropping? Or with cash?
  5. I'm new to the game sorry for some questions XD So this machine exists only in viledon? So do you advise me to go dungeons to get better equipment? How can I add a slot?
  6. Ok thanks and doubts 1 & 3?
  7. I fully agree with you
  8. I am brazilian to I thought about buying more when I saw the dollar converted I gave up
  9. 1° doubt: Where can I exchange these medals? 2° doubt: Why is a single item +2 worse than a rare item? 3° doubt: Where is the best place to get items for improvement?
  10. StriX

    Dg or quests?

    After all, the battle will be difficult, I'm almost out of XP boosters to help And in the market, people charge their heads for these boosters The way is to stay on mission on mission until 40
  11. StriX

    Dg or quests?

    I'm level 30 and it's very complicated to level up Even activating hyper chips and 5000% xp I'll follow your tip to see if it improves
  12. Which option to level up faster?
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