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  1. Fakof

    Hi there

    Was attacked in soccer by 58 lvl on 50, very fun. Got tired from this game, so take a rest...maybe return later.
  2. Fakof

    Wide Dungeon Guide

    What is different from other mmorpg in SB forum is lack of wide dungeon guide. Mostly at all games forums exist at least one guide dedicated to difficult dungeon or boss. First dungeons, drasil BC and factory, dont have much difficulty. But beginning from Ignis, alone is quiet hard to pass them. As a result forced to level character more to have possibility pass dungeon. And after learning the mechanics of bosses it comes more easy. In that time lvl high enough for not good drop rate. And again its a lost of time a nerves. Information found on forum more like separated post with some advises. Not always correctly answered: why is that, or how is that. About half of hardness need to be faced by yourself. I understand the Malfas element attack at first time, but even now not understand mechanics of Asura: his def not seems like buff, and wounded minion not always debuff him. Instead of aksing people of every boss i meet, easy to read information on forum. At least some basic mechanics.
  3. Fakof

    Make Mapbosses great Again!

    Each dungeon boss can bring lot of fun. When you finally able to kill it.
  4. Cant understand how get in bloodcat room. First time after killing Simon warped to entrance, then walk to the zealot pass and suddenly warped there. Few times later could not pass. Is there some secret or maybe glitch. I cleared almost every monster in dungeon. Some of them (in large hall) respawn.
  5. Fakof

    Pet Datachip question

    Well crit-chips work just fine. For more quick hp regen i suppose to use Rapid HP from shop instead common pots from mobs. (why i not noticed it earlier, that pot raise recover a lot,)
  6. Fakof

    Few newbe questions

    Me again) Question about Team Exp sharing. I see the Rank points divide to half so i got 50% of them. But exp share strange. Titan ellis monsters 54 lv give 750~790 K exp. With 500% exp boost (why i have so many of them o_O) i got 4,5 M exp Team with friend and got 4,3 M exp. Is it some bonus exp in team, or strange sharing; while i deal less damage and earn almost same exp (when party way faster)
  7. I have a question about some of datachips Crit-rate +3% Crit-str +7% What is it exactly mean? +300 crit rate and +700 crit atk, or it affect current (~2500 + 3%) Same is crit-void %; is it direct bonus or give bonus to current. Health recovery rate +2% is it affect potions only, or it is permanent recover from max hp or else?
  8. Fakof

    Staying a certain level to farm BC

    Never got blueprint in any one dungeon... Never got unic i factory... though it really a curse. Well i can drop unic on 46lv from ignis 43lv; sometime 2 at once, sometime not a once - its just random, Korean Random i think.
  9. Fakof

    Few newbe questions

    There is pvp damage and dot reduction. The time of debuff are effected some kind or its just like on mobs. If the stun or disable last 3 sec is there ways to low this timer? Its like question for sure, i heard about combos, suppose they are made from continious debuff and damage like in the 2D fightings.
  10. Fakof

    Prices too high for new players

    Top theme was about hard life of newbies, as i can say on my 35+ lvls its much easy to make money. Main problems is on 20+ (again if waiting for exp boosters). Another problems is the direct gameplay, as was be said: late bosses need strategy, not just come and get. So advise is more important than golds. Give me gold, and ill spend it; teach me how to farm and i get them myself.
  11. Well i guess its not like that, because its was old aeria rate, when overall enchants was harder.
  12. Is that percentage for +7,+8,+9 items true? Common narak is only 5%
  13. Fakof

    Prices too high for new players

    While on 20+ have same problem: not all drop are easy get.It can drop on every class exept your. Then forced to buy it from vendor (rare gamma) Because base equip too weak. But gold income is very poor, selling gems or enchant stones arent option. And cost of upgrade equip can be high. As a result - farming the low level equip, or walk with "base". After getting some Rare gamma i look to store, and if there is no cheap equip (below 10g) i make price 5; not for profit, just for somebody could take this instead of base. But as i see, more leveled players dont even bother themself in that. These 5-10 gold not worthy of these troubles for them. But still its money for a new players. So i dont understand why somebody sells rare gamma +7 as a price for Mega equipment (200 - 400) its just a narraks for oldest. Newcomer never buy it
  14. Fakof

    Few newbe questions

    One more: how make a team and invite somebody? When BG started other players run whenever they want, usually attack enemy, even if they much weaker then enemy. I almost killing one guardian at turnpike, bu yet is hard for me (at least now) even if i shout, players seems not see it. I was invited in party some times, its much easy...
  15. Fakof

    Few newbe questions

    So it need pet to all playable chars if that way, i see. Now new dillema what char upgrade first)))))