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  1. Few newbe questions

    There is pvp damage and dot reduction. The time of debuff are effected some kind or its just like on mobs. If the stun or disable last 3 sec is there ways to low this timer? Its like question for sure, i heard about combos, suppose they are made from continious debuff and damage like in the 2D fightings.
  2. AoE targeting and double click skills

    Well i found that aoe skills fails if casted when cursor on enemy or target. Some map like Viledon have places where casting aoe is real trouble (still not understand) seems have to remember that places.
  3. Playing as PU i noticed (at first on BG) That target AoE skills not always work. When it has obstacle it write, but i noticed that common skills no work too. For using skill at sure i press skill 2 time sometime, it work beter, but have another glitch: showing animation of skill and sound of skill, but actually skill not work ( no damage and delay) i use skill again, it works normally. that strange happens only on pvp maps (i wonder why) maybe i switch skills too fast, or maybe else. But when i cant 3 times in row use rapidfire its annoying.
  4. Prices too high for new players

    Top theme was about hard life of newbies, as i can say on my 35+ lvls its much easy to make money. Main problems is on 20+ (again if waiting for exp boosters). Another problems is the direct gameplay, as was be said: late bosses need strategy, not just come and get. So advise is more important than golds. Give me gold, and ill spend it; teach me how to farm and i get them myself.
  5. Well i guess its not like that, because its was old aeria rate, when overall enchants was harder.
  6. Is that percentage for +7,+8,+9 items true? Common narak is only 5%
  7. Prices too high for new players

    While on 20+ have same problem: not all drop are easy get.It can drop on every class exept your. Then forced to buy it from vendor (rare gamma) Because base equip too weak. But gold income is very poor, selling gems or enchant stones arent option. And cost of upgrade equip can be high. As a result - farming the low level equip, or walk with "base". After getting some Rare gamma i look to store, and if there is no cheap equip (below 10g) i make price 5; not for profit, just for somebody could take this instead of base. But as i see, more leveled players dont even bother themself in that. These 5-10 gold not worthy of these troubles for them. But still its money for a new players. So i dont understand why somebody sells rare gamma +7 as a price for Mega equipment (200 - 400) its just a narraks for oldest. Newcomer never buy it
  8. Few newbe questions

    One more: how make a team and invite somebody? When BG started other players run whenever they want, usually attack enemy, even if they much weaker then enemy. I almost killing one guardian at turnpike, bu yet is hard for me (at least now) even if i shout, players seems not see it. I was invited in party some times, its much easy...
  9. Few newbe questions

    So it need pet to all playable chars if that way, i see. Now new dillema what char upgrade first)))))
  10. Few newbe questions

    Locked mean seal - one day lock for resending?
  11. Few newbe questions

    Well here is lot of guides, thanks to all who whrite them.But some questions left: 1 - is the Same pet chips equipeable at same time? 2 - is mail only way to send items between players in account? 3 - is pet too can be sended by mail? 4 - is the amount of clear gold (not from sale gems, naraks, etc) earned on late level 40-50 good or how make gold with low market. (in other words is it worth make one stronger player to farm gold for weaker)
  12. Hi there

    Nope, i just make this nick here when i was piss off some) I played there not too long about 40 lv 2 arkana only.
  13. Hi there

    Hello, My name is Maxim. 39 years (almost old pervert geezer) Played aeria SB some time ago, so decide have a fun here. Living in Ukraine +2 GMT Playing PU FK for now. PS: sorry for rude forum name, it was made when i was piss of by unrar trouble, and registration needed for just see Problems topic.