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  1. Was attacked in soccer by 58 lvl on 50, very fun. Got tired from this game, so take a rest...maybe return later.
  2. What is different from other mmorpg in SB forum is lack of wide dungeon guide. Mostly at all games forums exist at least one guide dedicated to difficult dungeon or boss. First dungeons, drasil BC and factory, dont have much difficulty. But beginning from Ignis, alone is quiet hard to pass them. As a result forced to level character more to have possibility pass dungeon. And after learning the mechanics of bosses it comes more easy. In that time lvl high enough for not good drop rate. And again its a lost of time a nerves. Information found on forum more like separated post with some advises. Not always correctly answered: why is that, or how is that. About half of hardness need to be faced by yourself. I understand the Malfas element attack at first time, but even now not understand mechanics of Asura: his def not seems like buff, and wounded minion not always debuff him. Instead of aksing people of every boss i meet, easy to read information on forum. At least some basic mechanics.
  3. Each dungeon boss can bring lot of fun. When you finally able to kill it.
  4. Nope, i just make this nick here when i was piss off some) I played there not too long about 40 lv 2 arkana only.
  5. Hello, My name is Maxim. 39 years (almost old pervert geezer) Played aeria SB some time ago, so decide have a fun here. Living in Ukraine +2 GMT Playing PU FK for now. PS: sorry for rude forum name, it was made when i was piss of by unrar trouble, and registration needed for just see Problems topic.
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