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  1. Altar: Mysterious Rose Knight Suit (Legendary) Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Legendary) Exquisite Plume Earrings (legendary) ✔️10/25/21 Box: Magic Snowy Kueta Robust Snowy Kueta Gloomy Sakuya hime Magic Legendary Yui Robust Legendary Yui Robust Blazing Star Muse Magic Wanderland Alice
  2. For me from level 1-80 use Magician, Engineer or Blade Dancer is an easy class for that level, after character level 80 unlock Templar and leveling your Templar to level 80 and do awaken quest for Templar to get Blood Knight class, Blood Knight is really easiest job for farm gold, run or etc
  3. Mystery box: Flower Fairy Wings ✔️10/07/21 Phantom Mask ✔️10/07/21 Robus Scarlet vandra ✔️09/23/21 Magic Scarlet vandra ✔️09/23/21
  4. Mystery box: Magic Summer Ren Robust Summer Ren
  5. Altar/mystery box: Plague mask ✔️03/19/20 Surgical mask ✔️03/19/20 Feelin' snacky mask ✔️03/19/20 A-face mask ✔️03/19/20 Meow mask ✔️03/19/20 Blazing gun ✔️07/30/20 Lucent gun ✔️07/30/20
  6. Altar: Pure black headwear color ✔️02/29/20 Pure black clothing color ✔️02/29/20 Mystery box: Cap hairdo ✔️02/28/20 Cute bear hairdo ✔️02/28/20
  7. Mysterious winged goddess wig (legendary)-mystery box ✔️10/03/19 Mysterious winged angel wig (legendary)-mystery box ✔️10/03/19 Metamorphosis dance hairdo-mystery box ✔️10/03/19 Imperial war coiffure -mystery box ✔️10/03/19 Mysterious Royal floret hairpin (legendary)-altar ✔️10/15/19 Mysterious Royal knight hairpin (legendary)-altar ✔️10/15/19 Red blaze wings (legendary) -altar ✔️10/03/19 Flirty hearts tattoo (legendary) - altar ✔️10/03/19 Mysterious Rosy blush (legendary) - altar ✔️10/10/19 House of cards,hearts tattoo (legendary) -altar ✔️10/10/19 Glitzy Sprite princess Alyssa -altar ✔️10/31/19 Indomitable Sprite princess Alyssa - altar ✔️10/31/19 Rock star's electric guitar (legendary) - altar ✔️10/24/19 All colours blazeblight cestus - mystery box ✔️10/17/19
  8. Mystery box: Mysterious bodacious wig (legendary)✔️08/15/19 Mysterious astral ribbon ponytail (legendary)✔️08/15/19 Hello Kitty: kimono (F & M)✔️08/02/19
  9. Any pet +10% dagger,cestus,club and rapier p-attack&m-attack in mystery box Holy magic crystal frost axe & lavalord axe in mystery box Mysterious spectacles (legendary) in altar - ✔️Altar 04/04/19 Mysterious gentlemen kimono (legendary) in altar Mysterious lipstick mark (legendary) in altar - ✔️Altar 04/06/19
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