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  1. Hi sorry just got back to my post. Been busy all week long, no time to play. Well as per reading all your comments @milquetoast actually got what I would want to propose as of current cap. Or at least not an additional quest but a window for lowbies and undergeared players to get their opportunity to finish let's say an Invasion or get a chance at Safeguard Replicubes. @Vivi and @DrakkarUlfsark I was actually thinking of proposing a "Treaty Hour" for at least twice a day for each timezone for both factions to get and finish a Def/Invade quest or win a BG (SA, SP or Siren) in order for lowbies or undergeared to get a chance, since it's hard to go BGs or to Def/Invade if you'll be facing off with an OP player. Well as I've mentioned on my previous post this is just a recommendation for the current cap just to give a fair chance for all players. Thanks.
  2. As a former player from ASB since OBT then now playing VSB for a month, for about 16 hours a day playing on all timezone I've noticed that with current percentage, FKs have the most people actively doing BGs and Ellis Quest. Majority of the time PVPers/Geared/Active players are on BG/Def/Invasion. So with all this being said there will be a limited window for some Lowbies/Under-geared players to move at. So I'm proposing a scheduled BG/Ellis quest for both faction so everyone will get a chance on the prizes for the said quest like SG Reps on BGs or just to finish dailies. This will apply to both FK/RG to give window for those who needs the item for themselves or for some to use items to help out guild members. Either FK or RG will be benefit the balance, I'm not saying this just on behalf of my faction. this will apply to all players whether your new, old, geared, under-geared, spender or free player. This might increase player-base at current cap because everyone will get a chance of something. You'll get to see new names on the battlefield instead of seeing the same people over and over again. I mean what's good at only one side winning? Just my 2 cents though, not throwing flames at anyone. Thanks. PS. By BGs I meant SP, SA or Siren. Not NB or AK.
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