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  1. I would like to remind the community that the use of Partners in the Individual Arena and in the Familiar Arena is forbidden since patch v18. Sadly, people used them to get some annoying advantages among other players and we decided to get them off. If you're caught using a Partner in arena, you will be blamed as a bug user. Anyone who want to report the use of Partners in arena, can directly whisper a GS in game. Thank for your attention!
  2. Slicz

    Weapon glowing

    I don't think that's possible. What I suggest is rather simple and could be done without much effort
  3. Slicz

    Weapon glowing

    Sure. But as we all know, every sp has its "primary" weapon. I don't think that if I ask you what's Crusader's main weapon you'll tell me that it's the sword, or that the bow is the primary weapon for an Assassin. The only two problems I can see with this issue are the Demon Hunter and the Avenging Angel, but they can stay as they are right now. Nothing is different apart from the glow, as the title anticipated you. If you put it in the way that the glow is useless apart from being pleasant, then it shouldn't even exist. But since it does exist, I think it should be done in the right way, therefore I believe the glow should change regarding to the sp we're wearing.
  4. Slicz

    Weapon glowing

    Hello everyone, this evening i was wandering in the arena with my Dark Gunner and the fact that the weapon in my hands wasn't glowing because the wand I wear is +0 hurt me like never before. Wouldn't it be better if the weapon glowing changes regarding from the sp we wear? For example, if I'm using the DG and my gun is +9, I'd like to see the nice green glowing and same with the assassin, crusader, etc. It shouldn't be that hard to implement I think, so why not!
  5. Slicz

    PvP Mode: No Man's Land

    That's a really nice idea Chavez. I love the way you laid out your ideas with such love and passion. I hope this will become reality, even tho it's a whole lot of work! But it would be really nice for people who like pvp, I agree in every point of your post. I can't even suggest an improvement 'cause I can't see one.
  6. Slicz

    Card holder rework

    Yeah that would be the main problem. However, it would not be like creating a brand new system from scratch. The form would be something like the equip upgrading scrolls, with the difference that 2 players would have to interact with that, like with the trade form.
  7. Slicz

    Card holder rework

    I feel like you're commenting just for the sake of it, adding nothing to the post. Saying "you can get ur sp" doesn't make any sense with the post at all. If you're buying a non-ch sp is because either you didn't find it on bazar or the price is too high. Also, your first point tells me you are not understanding what the post says.
  8. Slicz

    Card holder rework

    Hello everyone! I've always thought that trading specialists without card holder is very risky for the buyer. You never know if the other guy is trying to scam you or if he's a honest person. Sometimes they offer you a warranty like a piece of their equip, but then the buyer may become the scammed! I think that's not a good way to exchange goods. I wanted to suggest to make a new button near the "group", "whisper" and so on called "buy specialist" or something like that which opens a form where the buyer puts the card holder and the money/items and the seller puts the sp. Probably someone will come up with a better idea about the implementation but I think the base idea of this commerce should be taken in consideration, since it would make things easier for everyone, both the seller and the buyer.