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  1. Well you are abit right about it but atleast it can drop 1x instead 4 because for example if 7 mobs in lure drop that card,there will be 28x instant recharge in drop which takes quietly take more time.But i'd not want more from gms if they nerf bacoom to be honest.I die in 2 sec with 35k hp when i get burn(And i can tank them for very long as i long as i dont get that stupid debuff)
  2. Well I want to say the some main problems we all see.First thing i'm gonna say is pet's loyalty and problem about their control.In my opinion 1000 loyalty is too low.After all it has never changed since the game begun.So my idea is increase the cap to 2000 to 3000 loyalty so we all can mob abit longer and do ics abit longer without keep feeding pet all the time while we lure mobs.Another problem is about pet and partner control,I noticed pet is trying to escape from fighting with mobs when it's hp is too low.It shouldnt escape from mobs.I mean they supposed to tank the character not the opposite and also i realized my aegir is attacking to spearmen while all 6.1 mobs attacking to me.Maybe problem is about me but mostly i see pet and partner sometimes avoid protecting the character. Second problem is bacoom and instant recharge sp card.Problem about bacoom is;it has too much debuffs.Bacoom's debuffs are: -Short Blockout -Blackout -Burn -Numbness -Fatal Bleeding As you can see 3 of them stunning us and honestly i get way too much debuff even with 30% reduce.Problem(Which is actually not problem but kinda annoying).Instant recharge drops too many.I dont see any problem with removing it from act 6.Also bacoom horn etc drop rate can be reduced 1 instead 4.Thank you for your comments.
  3. Thanks everyone for telling reasons
  4. Maybe you are new to game.Also it's still less people in evening too.Plus you are the pathetic one not me.Watch your mouth or dont reply to my topic
  5. Hello everyone.I'm wondering something.Is server dying or it looks kinda empty because hacker/cheaters are gone ? Because it's surprising to see few players playing on sunday and also surprsing too see chs are not really getting full and max jammed.So what's really going on? Thanks for info
  6. Well no matter what bash will decide,i think he should make an alt limit just like in raids and fc raid.Because those people killing bosses all the time using more than 2 chars in my opinion
  7. On offical server it says"These delicate wings give you the ability to fire a magical arrow when using magic or ranged attacks. It also increases your movement speed by 1." This means it's useless wings for swordies ? ?
  8. Yup raidboxes would be more fair.Shop isnt good idea at all in my opinion because then it would be too easy to get one
  9. Yup i do.I couldnt think about safe zone and it will be more crowd till you say that and indeed you have point thank you ^^
  10. Im strong enough to fight and solo but if you noticed i said for including me and every player who wants them.Some people do it with group of 3 and not every player can open or do act 6/6.2 raids but still thanks for your thougts
  11. Hi.Before i start to talk i know lots of people think or will say unknown land is in fc and pvp must be allowed and this idea is bullshit but i hope you will read it to the last.From what i can see people are trying to farm claws and manes in there instead pvp which is needed for perfection.As you all know those claws and manes can be used for other sps aswell thanks to item trade and it's hard to get more without unknown land because you can get it from act 6 box or sp raids.Anyway thing i wanna say is don't allow pvp in unknown land so all people can farm no matter what level or seperate unknown land in 2(Angel and Devil).You might say we want to pvp in unknown land but there are plenty of place and map that you can fight with your enemy in entire fc.So i want a farming place for perfection without pvp.Including myself and everyone.Like or dont like it but i'd to read your commends.Thank you.
  12. @Stalker Indeed.I forgot to add that here
  13. Agree with shop or raidbox.Nasta and their team and maybe some other people knows the boss timer and only they kill heaven and hell bosses.We(other players) get nothing so we have to buy from them