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  1. Tarot cards

    @Bash You really should do something about tarots and hope you hear us.Most people use sun/devil for act 6 raids and current price is almost 3m and atleast if you can stop countdown when we remove tarot,it would be great.I thought of putting those 2 tarots into bash shop since people use them so much(like how you did for fps) but I dont really know if its good idea or useless but i think you got my point
  2. Tarot cards

    Because you created this topic i have a suggestion about tarots too.Well,duration starts after first time we use the tarot and it ends after 3h no matter if you use,dont use or off.My suggestion is making them like amulet for increasing attack power(That one giving 10% damage with 100% chance).I mean i think it would be nice if we can use tarots later because when we go off or do nothing,we just waste the tarot but with my idea,we wont waste them anymore and use them anytime we want
  3. Inferno

    Or 10% atk
  4. Blessing Amulet

    There are like 4 different amulets for bet but I see 3 of them in bash shop.I think it would be nice to have blessing amulet for like 3-3.5m price for people who wants to bet normal eqs.It kinda fails alot without 10% more chance