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  1. Purrfection

    NosTale Roadmap

    @Bash Also i think one of reason why we get bored too early is because exp rate is 20x.You will understand me more when u bring 6.2
  2. Purrfection

    Some things

    People spoke about 3rd 4th and i spoke about 5th and someone else about 6th.No one really cared also they make no sense to me.100 woa is too much for an hour and buffing pets like that totally unnecessary.No need to increase red souls,act 5.2 gives tons of diamonds instead.
  3. Purrfection

    Woa on act6

    Agree with it
  4. Purrfection

    Its not going well with WOAs...

    I agree with 25k/ea price
  5. Purrfection

    Act 6 Suggestion

    Even if its about "luck" you say,still bacoom has so many debuffs.I've just died because of stun when i lure lots of mob and plus burn debuff.And I'm wearing kertos+magma+r7+9 armour and i suddenly died.Point is bacoom has way too many debuffs with high chance comparing with other mobs.10% for blackout 5% for burn and fatal bleeding+numbness(which is another stun)+short blackout.Plus 50% chance for hit aoe.Mobbing can be easy you can ask to anyone you want about that mob and they will say,"Yea,i'm keep getting stunned"
  6. Purrfection

    Act 6 Suggestion

    I dont die because of 1 blackout.I died because of perma stun actually.Like 4-5 stuns in a row
  7. Purrfection

    Act 6 Suggestion

    I didnt say remove it from whole game.Meant it for act 6 only
  8. Purrfection

    Act 6 Suggestion

    My suggestion is simple to be honest and i think we dont need recharge card for sp from drops because it drops tooooo much.And my other suggestion is about bacoom.Bacoom has way too many debuffs and with quietly high percent.10% blackout and fatal bleeding,numbness,short blackout.I think someone should do something about this debuffs.For example it can be 2-3% chance for all kind of debuffs from bacoom because even with 36% blackout chance,37% all negative effects,hippo hat and 15% negative effect mask,I had so much debuff from bacoom on me and to be honest once bacoom catch you with debuffs,its pretty hard to survive because you lure other mobs too
  9. Purrfection

    Question about alt in raid(s)

  10. Purrfection

    Question about alt in raid(s)

    Am I allowed to use 1 main and 1 alt in same raid or not ? (Same ip and pc)
  11. Purrfection

    Tarot cards

    @Bash You really should do something about tarots and hope you hear us.Most people use sun/devil for act 6 raids and current price is almost 3m and atleast if you can stop countdown when we remove tarot,it would be great.I thought of putting those 2 tarots into bash shop since people use them so much(like how you did for fps) but I dont really know if its good idea or useless but i think you got my point
  12. Purrfection

    Tarot cards

    Because you created this topic i have a suggestion about tarots too.Well,duration starts after first time we use the tarot and it ends after 3h no matter if you use,dont use or off.My suggestion is making them like amulet for increasing attack power(That one giving 10% damage with 100% chance).I mean i think it would be nice if we can use tarots later because when we go off or do nothing,we just waste the tarot but with my idea,we wont waste them anymore and use them anytime we want
  13. Purrfection


    Or 10% atk
  14. Purrfection

    Blessing Amulet

    There are like 4 different amulets for bet but I see 3 of them in bash shop.I think it would be nice to have blessing amulet for like 3-3.5m price for people who wants to bet normal eqs.It kinda fails alot without 10% more chance